Recruitment Champion
Badgirly Ylrigdab
Badgirly Nightwish
Recruitment Champion
Recruitment Champion
DateMedalReason For Award
Senior Member13/01/2019 00:00Senior MemberAwarded to all those members upon their promotion to Senior Member rank. This award is to thank those members for their long term commitment & loyalty to the FC.
Party Animal11/02/2018 00:00Party AnimalAwarded to those members who don't take themselves too seriously, and regularly inject positive & fun energy into the community. This award for our
Above & Beyond11/02/2018 00:00Above & BeyondAwarded to those members who have gone out of their way to help make Alith a positive and fun place to be. This award is given by the members and officers, to anyone who has been recognised for making a positive difference in the guild.
Recruitment Champion28/01/2018 00:00Recruitment ChampionAwarded to those members who have been promoted to Recruitment Champion rank, to thank them for their efforts and dedication to helping us build our community.
Above & Beyond17/12/2017 00:00Above & BeyondBecause she is always there on discord and helps with just about anything Helping others with content, maintaining morale through said content. Helpful and very informative!
Party Animal17/12/2017 00:00Party AnimalBecause she is always there on Discord
Above & Beyond25/11/2017 00:00Above & Beyondcause she organise events and is very helpful for the community for having sacrificed the chance at the house she waited on for years so we can have one as an fc for organizing the house event.
Guild Champion25/11/2017 00:00Guild ChampionBadgirly continues to be a fun, active and helpful member of the FC, and has organised multiple FC social events, even funding prizes from her own pocket. Taking the time to help the FC membership in this way in addition to working her regular shifts as r
Party Animal25/11/2017 00:00Party Animalfor having a great sense of humour and making me laugh
Above & Beyond12/11/2017 00:00Above & Beyondfor working so well with Nashu in coordinating our FC House Strike! All the preparation, planning and dedication to giving us our best shot, should be appreciated!
Party Animal06/08/2017 00:00Party AnimalFor being active on Discord, very chatty and joining in laughs regularly helping with the fun atmosphere in the guild