Evangelique Rosebelt

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Raid Leader & Recruitment Champion
Evangelique Rosebelt
Evangelique Rosebelt
No Preference or Multiple Roles
Carpenter, Blacksmith, Armorer, Goldsmith, Leatherworker, Weaver, Alchemist, Culinarian, Miner, Botanist, Fisher
Have most crafters and gatherers at 50+, slowly leveling them.
United Kindom

Awards Received

DateMedalReason For Award
Guild Champion11/02/2018 00:00Guild ChampionAwarded to one special member each month, who has really stood out as being a brilliant and outstanding member of the community, who has made a huge positive difference to the guild. This award is decided and awarded by the entire guild management team.
Above & Beyond11/02/2018 00:00Above & BeyondAwarded to those members who have gone out of their way to help make Alith a positive and fun place to be. This award is given by the members and officers, to anyone who has been recognised for making a positive difference in the guild.
Raid Leader28/01/2018 00:00Raid LeaderAwarded to those members who have been promoted to Raid Leader rank, to thank them for their dedication and efforts in leading our fun & exciting guild raids.
Above & Beyond17/12/2017 00:00Above & BeyondHelping others with a lot of old and new content, which some people may not have a chance to visit, and being very helpful to other FC members.
Recruitment Champion14/12/2017 00:00Recruitment ChampionAwarded to those members who have been promoted to Recruitment Champion rank, to thank them for their efforts and dedication to helping us build our community.
Senior Member25/11/2017 00:00Senior MemberAwarded to all those members upon their promotion to Senior Member rank. This award is to thank those members for their long term commitment & loyalty to the FC.




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