Alith Raiding & Alith Academy - Introduction

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Alith Raiding & Alith Academy - Introduction #4824
Welcome to Alith Raiding!

Alith is proud to offer our members a wide variety of raid events for you to attend & enjoy with your fellow Alithians for all levels of experience. Whether you are new to a raid and need a supportive non-pressured learning environment, are close to completing a raid and desperate for that elusive clear, or have mastered the hardest content of the game and are looking for other veterans to tackle these challenges with, there is something for all of you.
Our raids are led by our guild Raid Leaders, who do a great job at ensuring that these are relaxed, friendly, fun, pressure-free experiences. Our values of being a mature, respectful and supportive Free Company certainly run through all our events that we organize.

"So, how do I attend an Alith Raid?"

Easy! All of our official Free Company raid events are posted on our Event Calendar, which you can find on the homepage of our website. Every event will have a detailed description of what you can expect from the raid, as well as any requirements and recommendations to help you get prepared. CLICK THIS LINK for a step by step guide on how to sign up for an event on the calendar.
If all the slots are taken up on an event you really want to attend, you can normally sign up as a "Reserve”.

There are three levels of raids offering something for everyone!

Alith Academy Learning Raids
For those who are still learning the basics of the FFXIV raids and looking for a casual, patient, supportive group to learn the content together with while having fun!
Alith Completion Raids
For people that are familiar with all of the mechanics, and just need practice in order to finally get the clear!
Alith Experienced Raids
For people that are at the top of their game, know their class, know the raid backwards and just want a group to clear quickly having fun with no fuss. Or for those already used to clearing the raid and looking for a regular FC group to run the content with.

Alith Academy Learning Raids

Alith Academy Learning Raids are specifically designed to help you learn the ropes, without the fear of messing up, or the confusion of not knowing the tactics. Our Officers and Raid Leaders work as a team to schedule, organize and host regular "Learning Raids" that everyone is welcome to sign up for, regardless of your inexperience.
Our Raid Leaders will explain all the boss tactics before each fight. During this, feel free to ask questions to better understand the fight. We also ask that you don't expect to rush through the raid, patience is key to an enjoyable evening. Expect plenty of wipes and remember that mistakes will happen, this is all about having fun without making anyone feel bad or pressured while we learn. Everyone learns at a different pace, and that's okay.
Once the fight commences, the raid leaders will be calling out the mechanics so during this, please keep Discord silence so the instructions can be heard and understood.

Alith Completion Raids

Alith completion raids are designed for those of you who are already familiar with the specified raid mechanics, have already geared up to the required level and have a good understanding of your class. As these will often be the hardest group content in the game, it's important that you're confident in the fight mechanics themselves, but it is not a requirement that you have already cleared the raid. The requirements to attend these events will be set higher than those of the "Learning Raids".
It is important that you have sufficient DPS (damage per second) to defeat the boss before the "enrage timer" kicks in. Therefore one of the requirements for all raiders signing up (DPS, Tanks, and Healers), is to confirm that you have successfully cleared the "Circles of Answering" DPS check for the raid you're signing up for. This is an instanced zone in the game. You can locate the NPC for this, just outside Rhalgar’s Reach, taking the exit to “The Fringes” (Battle-scarred Veteran). Alternatively, if you know your DPS values (using ACT for example), you can just confirm that you meet the DPS numbers listed on the event. If you need help/assistance locating the NPC for Circles of Answering, or understanding how the DPS check works, please contact a raid leader.
Follow “This Link” for DPS requirements.

Alith Experienced Raids

The goal of this raid is to clear the content with ease or repeatedly. There is an expectation that you are totally confident and familiar with the mechanics/strategy of this content and have previously completed the fight, meeting the DPS requirements stated below and can achieve a clear without any instruction of callouts from our raid leaders. You will also need an excellent knowledge of job and rotations, meet the required ilevel stated and have fully melded gear.
You will need to clear the “Circles of Answering” with ease, come to the raids prepared with relevant food and potions and meet the higher DPS requirements according to this link .
Again, we ask that you read all the details on each specific event post, to ensure you are well prepared & know what you're signing up for. We expect all attendees to respect & support the raid leaders, and avoid talking over them when they are issuing instructions so that they can focus on leading the group in a friendly & organized way.

The Future of Alith Raiding

We are super excited to see so many of you joining us for our Raid Events. We aim to post up our weekly schedules on Wednesday evenings. As time goes on, new content gets released and the community progresses, we will continue to listen to your feedback and amend the raids offered based on members interests.
Below is our current raiding schedule, Again, please ensure that you keep your eye on, and sign up on our Event Calendar on our Homepage, as this is the ONLY way you can guarantee your spot on an Alith Raid.

Alith Raid Schedule:

"How do I get prepared?"


Please make sure you have Discord installed. Let a raid leader or an officer know if you still need to be approved for the Alith Discord prior to the run. We require you to install it even if you don't have a microphone, just being able to hear instructions is very important. If for some reason you aren't able to use Discord or have difficulties with hearing instructions, let us know before the event so we can consider other arrangements. During the raid, we would kindly request that we maintain Discord silence during the time the Raid Leader is issuing commands & coordinating. It's a challenging role for our raid leaders to lead, coordinate, and give instructions for a large person group, and impossible for them if everyone is talking over each other - so please show due respect and patience.

"What are the Raiding Rules?"

Please check raid rule specifics on each raid event in the calendar. General rules applying to all raids are as follows:

Raids can be a challenging experience and you should be prepared for some deaths. In case of death, we would require for you to please remain patient, understanding, supportive and to not put unnecessary pressure on other group members. We raid leaders/officers will, of course, do the same.
We cannot guarantee that the run will be successful so, we'd ask that you come along with a relaxed, casual attitude, and appreciate the fact that some runs will be successful, and some won't. Some members will be more experienced than others, and we don't want anyone to be made to feel like they're "not good enough". The key is for us to have fun, and not take the whole thing too seriously, so no raging, please.

Please aim to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time, to ensure the raid group is formed up and able to start on time. Invites for the group go out 15 minutes before the start and if you are not there by that time, you may risk being replaced. We can't hold up other members as a result of 1 member running late.
If you sign up for an event, please ensure that you can commit to the start time specified, and have the time available to remain for the whole event. Please don't leave or go AFK during the raid, expecting to come back at a later time, as that will hold up the entire raid and isn't fair on the rest of the attendees.
After signing up for an event, even as a reserve, if you need to cancel, please do so at least 24 hours ahead, unless there is an emergency. Please understand there are other people that need to be notified or could have taken that spot, if you had canceled on time.

For completion and experienced raids please ensure you have not already cleared & received your weekly reward, as this will compromise the rewards for the rest of the party members.
During the raid, we would kindly request that we maintain Discord silence during the time the Raid Leader is issuing commands & coordinating

In order to keep the raids pleasant, respectful and drama free, we expect all attendees to behave in line with our guild values. Therefore we reserve the right to impose a 3-week raiding ban from all raids, in the event of the below:

- More than 3 occasions where you have not shown up for a raid you have signed up to attend (No-Shows)
- More than 5 delays (late arrival to the raid, going AFK without permission, etc)
- More than 3 disruptions (i.e. causing an argument, blaming individuals, rage quitting etc. etc.) or any combination of all these

Upon re-joining the raid following a ban, if any offenses are subsequently repeated then we reserve the right to impose a permanent raiding ban.

If you have any questions regarding our raiding, please don't hesitate to contact one of our Raid Leaders or Officers (in Discord, in-game or through a PM on our website).

Raid Leaders:
Disdemona Morningstar,
Evangelique Rosebelt
Kira Sozuke

So what are you waiting for, head over to the Event Calendar and sign up for a raid to join in the fun now!

Kind Regards,
Your Alith Officers & Raid Leaders


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