Combat Mentor - Vacancies (CLOSED)

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Combat Mentor - Vacancies (CLOSED) #7209
Hi Everyone,

It's with great pleasure that we announce our intention to introduce a new Program under our Alith Academy, the “Alith Mentorship”.

It will have two aspects: “Combat”(for battle classes) and “Resource” (for Crafting / Gathering / Desynthesis)

The Combat aspect is meant to help provide members with in-depth knowledge about their job, the game's gearing and melding system and how best to apply it. It will be led by Alithians who volunteer to provide their time, guidance and assistance to our members in the field of Combat, the Combat Mentors.

The Combat aspect will also encompass a secondary element. The "Alith Bootcamp".

The Alith Bootcamp is a system designed to help members learn about the intricacies of various roles and jobs and their rotations, openers, optimisation and gearing, in a stress-free environment and with the help of the striking dummy if requested. It will be led by our Combat Mentors, in the form of one to one sessions. Bootcamp sessions are intended to last up to an hour, to help members retain the information and practice a bit under initial guidance from an expert.

For this we are looking for volunteers to become our new Combat mentors!

Combat mentor - Role Description and Requirements

As a Combat Mentor, you will need to be available to give ad hoc advice in-game or via the designated discord areas on your given role/job(s) from time to time and be involved in the smooth running of the Alith Bootcamp and friendly interaction with our members in order to provide them with tips and guidance. This includes answering queries, providing detailed and up to date information and running scheduled one to one sessions with our members upon request at a mutually convenient time.

The requirements to become a Combat Mentor are as follows:
  • Have one or more jobs at maximum level.
  • Be able to correctly advise on gear and melding
  • Have an in-depth knowledge of the job(s) you are applying to mentor for.
  • Be a good communicator in order to share your knowledge.
  • Be willing or prepared to provide help-sheets and or fact-sheets in the forum and/or discord.
  • Be willing and able to work with other mentors to ensure consistency and exchange views in a non-confrontational manner
  • Be familiar with and abide by all standards and specifics set out in the FC rules.
  • Maintain a relaxed and friendly atmosphere at all times while providing guidance and be sensitive to people's needs and shortcomings by offering encouragement, hints and tips and never criticism or offhand remarks.
  • Only provide guidance when it is requested
  • Be tolerant and patient at all times.
  • Be available for discord voice chat should the trainee require it.

How to apply:

Contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., explaining why you are interested in the role, how you are qualified and what combat classes you would like to mentor.

If your application is successful, we will contact you to arrange an informal interview and trial, to demonstrate your knowledge and ability to advise / teach.

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