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We are pleased to announce that we are looking to recruit additional Raid Leaders to join our Alith Raid Leader team!

Now that the normal raids are at our doorstep and we've already had a couple of weeks to catch up with current content, we are really keen to reinstate the Alith organised raids.

Alith raids take 3 forms, Beginner (for first timers) Completion (for people competent to enrage with mechanics, but desperate for that illusive 1st clear and Experienced (for people that just want to dive in, get the clear with no tutoring and dive out again).

Considering the new Raids are not yet here, experience on current content is, of course, something we will get together as a team.

As an FC, we pride ourselves in being able to offer regular, organised and fun raid events, for all of our members to enjoy together. Not only do we want to be able to have regular, scheduled, raid events catering to our members current needs & preferences, but most importantly we want our members to be able to enjoy raiding in FF14 within the Alith spirit.

This means friendly, supportive, respectful, pressure-free, FUN raids, where it's okay to make mistakes and you never have to worry about being on the receiving end of un-welcomed abuse. Where the focus is on having fun, with good friends, rather than being ultra competitive. Where EVERYONE in the FC can join in, regardless of your skill level, experience or gear and there is something for everyone!

As an officer team, we are 100% committed to ensuring that our FC raids, will stay true to our FC values and ethos.

To that end, we need a team of raid leaders that are confident with the high end trials and raids, patient and very good at explaining tactics to new people trying these out for the first time.

So you want to join the Raid Leader team?

Position:Raid Leader

Number of Vacancies:Several

Closing Date: No Closing Date


- Must be familiar with our FC rules and preferably have some experience leading raid/trial runs, but this isn't compulsory.
- Must be able to clearly communicate instructions, tactics and call outs and willing to work well and closely with Alith Officers and fellow Raid Leaders.
- Must be able to maintain a relaxed pressure free atmosphere.
- Must be able and willing to teach in a supportive, but tolerant manner. (In Voice on Discord)
- Must be patient and never single out individuals for their mistakes, as well as, not get irritated by failure.
- Must be respectful, friendly, mature and understanding towards others.
- Must be able to deal with all raid matters confidentially.

How to apply: Simply contact us by email, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., expressing your interest and willingness to help. Please share a paragraph explaining why you feel you meet the requirements above, and why you're interested in the role.

Next Steps: We may decide to extend the closing date - depending on volume of applications. Once the closing day has passed we may request an informal chat with you if we need a bit more info and we may also organise a "Trial Run" where we'd like to "see you in action" leading a guild raid/trial run.

Kind Regards
The Alith Raid Leaders & Officers

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