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Hi All

We're very excited to announce that we are looking to recruit additional officers to join our Free Company management team!

This is an exciting & rare opportunity for any of you who cares passionately about the FC, and wants to do more to make a difference and help us to continue to grow and develop as a community.

As the community continues to grow, it's critical that we have enough officers in place, to make sure that our members have the support they deserve and expect.

There is still a lot that we want to achieve as an FC. We want to bring even more social events to the community, encourage more socialising, instil an inclusive / family culture, and of course get some good steady growth in numbers, which will help with our activity levels. We also want to super-charge our Raiding Activity, re-launch Alith-Cast and continue to find new ideas to keep the FC a fun & exciting place to be. There is a lot of work to do, but it's all worth it, and we need a strong team to help us reach the heights we know Alith is capable of!

We have a lot of fantastic members in our community right now, but only limited vacancies. We don't want anybody to be disappointed, but we cannot give the role to everyone who applies, so please don't take it to heart if you aren't selected this time around. We need the additional officers as soon as possible, so we're looking to make this process quick and not long winded.

Please give as much detail as possible in your applications so we can get a good overall idea of what your strengths are, and what you're able to bring to the team.

If you love being in Alith, feel you have a lot to contribute to the FC and want to become part of our close-knit team, please do apply! We encourage anyone who feels they are suitable for the role to apply, regardless of how long you have been in the FC. Here are the details of the position and instructions on how to apply by CLOSING DATE OF FRIDAY 28th FEBRUARY, MIDNIGHT CET:

Position: Alith Officer
Vacancies: Multiple
Closing Date: Friday 28th February 2020, Midnight CET

Stage 1: Email your Application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Stage 2: Applications are reviewed and discussed by leadership
Stage 3: If any application meets the desired standard, they will be immediately appointed as an officer
Stage 4: If several applications meet the required standard, or we require additional info, we may invite candidates for short interviews (just an informal chat)
Stage 5: The successful officer will be appointed based on the strength of the application, and the individuals track record in the FC. (And strength of interview should that be required).

We will only appoint an officer who we feel totally & completely share Alith's values, share our vision for the future of Alith, and we feel will fit in and work well within the team. A healthy, positive team ethos with the shared goals & vision for the Free Company, is critical to the success of our team.

-Must be an "Active" member who is able to play FF14 regularly (unless on holiday or taking a break due to ill health, etc)
-Discord text usage is required, voice chat is desirable but not mandatory
-100% dedication to Final Fantasy 14 and the FC

Skills Required:
-Must be willing and able to give an opinion, get involved in group discussions, and contribute ideas / suggestions towards the growth of the FC
-Must be able to work positively, transparently and collaboratively with the team of officers while respecting each others views
-Must maintain 100% confidentiality in all matters discussed and debated between officers regardless of subject matter or members involved in discussion.
-Must be able to intervene when disruption (or drama) erupts within the FC and be confident to defuse heated situations, and do it without taking sides, remaining impartial & objective
-Able to maintain order and enforce rules when necessary
-Must be able to "lead by example" and be a role model of our Alith values

Officer Responsibilities:
These are just some of the activities that come with being an Alith Officer:
-Attend occasional Discord officer meetings to discuss issues, challenges, new ideas and improvements
-Support the recruitment team with our recruitment efforts
-Monitor FC chat and Discord to maintain order, peace and harmony within the FC, while answering any member queries that come up
-Actively socialise & build friendships with the member population, keeping FC chat & Discord active & positive
-Actively promote, help organise & participate in FC events & initiatives (raids, social events, member awards, etc.)
-Must be willing to dedicate a few minutes each day for admin (voting on applications for example)
-Flag any issues identified, with the officers, discuss and then help to introduce solutions
-Enforce disciplinary action when necessary in accordance with our FC rules

We will also only accept applications from members who are NOT already active officers / leaders of other guilds/FC's. We want to ensure that ALL Alith Officers are 100% committed to Alith and it's members. We are happy to accept applications from Alith members of ALL ranks (raid leaders, recruiters, members, senior members, etc..).
The above desired skills and role responsibilities are not exhaustive, but are some of the main attributes to consider before applying for the role.

To apply, please contact us directly by sending us an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) explaining why you want to be an Officer, what you can & want to bring to the role and your thoughts on the state of the FC currently. Feel free to share anything else you feel is relevant about your suitability for the role.

After the closing date, you will be contacted by Belazarus with the outcome. The next steps will be explained at that point.
Many thanks, and look forward to reading your application :)

Belazarus & The Alith Officers

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