Alith Officers - Vacancies (CLOSED)

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Alith Officers - Vacancies (CLOSED) #743
Hi All

We're very excited to announce that we are looking to recruit additional officers to join our guild management team!

This is an exciting opportunity for those of you who care passionately about the guild, and wants to do more to make a difference and help us to continue to grow and develop as a community.

Due to the hard work from our recruitment champion team, we have seen a steady and healthy pace of growth. Having reached 90+ members after just a couple of months, we are really happy with our progress so far. As the community continues to grow, it's critical that we have enough officers in place, to make sure that you all have the support you deserve and expect. Krys and I have launched the guild, but we cannot run this guild successfully on our own, and the whole community deserves to have a strong, solid, dedicated and committed officer team.

We've only just started this journey, and we are so excited for what the future holds for Alith. We're very excited to be working on our future Raiding & Dungeon events program, implementation of our Guild House, launch of our Member Awards, return of Alith-Cast and of course, more social events! There is a LOT of work to do, but it's all worth it, and we need a strong team at our side to help us bring all this great stuff to life!

Krys and I are already blown away with the wealth of talented, skilled and experienced individuals in our guild who can add so much to Alith and can help us to take the guild to the next level. That's why we're very excited and looking forward to bringing in some new blood to the team.

We do appreciate though, that we may have a lot of potential officers out there, and only limited vacancies. We don't want anybody to be disappointed, but we cannot give the role to everyone who applies, so please don't take it to heart if you aren't selected this time around. We appreciate that we will probably receive a lot of interest, and therefore we're hoping for a lot of applications. We are conscious that we need the additional officers as soon as possible, so we're looking to make this process quick and not long winded.

Additionally, we WILL be recruiting a brand new shiny Raid Leader team soon too, who will be working along side us to launch our official guild raid & dungeon events, as well as Alith Academy. So if Raid Leading is more your thing, then feel free to wait until we advertise those positions.

Once the closing date passes, and we've received all the applications, we will review them thoroughly. We'll study and discuss each and every application in detail, with the aim to select successful candidates based on the strength of their application AND the individuals track record / reputation in the guild. We MAY request a short interview with some of you - this will be decided on the strength (and number) of applications we receive.

For all the reasons above, it's crucial that you give as much detail as possible in your applications so we can get a good overall idea of what your strengths are, and what you're able to bring to the team.

If you love being in Alith, feel you have a lot to contribute to the guild and want to become part of our close team, please do apply! We encourage ANYONE who feels they are suitable for the role to apply, regardless of how long you have been in the guild. Here are the details of the position and instructions on how to apply by CLOSING DATE OF TUESDAY 9th MAY 2017, MIDNIGHT CET:

Position: Alith Guild Officer
Vacancies: (Undetermined)
Closing Date: Tuesday 9th May 2017, Midnight CET


Stage 1: Application emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Stage 2: Applications are studied, reviewed and discussed by leadership
Stage 3: If only one application meets the desired standard, they will be immediately appointed as an officer
Stage 4: If more than one application meets the required standard, or we require additional info, we may invite candidates for short interviews
Stage 5: Successful officers will be appointed based on the strength of the application, and the individuals track records in the guild. (And strength of interview should that be required).

We will only appoint officers who we feel totally & completely share Alith's values, share our vision for the future of Alith, and we feel will fit in and work well within the team. A healthy, positive, cohesive team ethos with the same goals & vision for the guild, is critical to the success of our team.


Must be an "Active" member who is able to play FF14 regularly (unless on holiday or taking break from game etc)

Discord text usage is required, voice chat is desirable but not mandatory

100% dedication to Final Fantasy 14 and the guild

Skills Required:

Must be willing and able to give an opinion, get involved in group discussions, and
contribute ideas / suggestions towards the growth of the guild

Must be able to work positively and collaboratively with the team of officers while respecting
each others views

Must be able to intervene when disruption (or drama) erupts within the guild and be confident to defuse disputes / aggressive behaviour, and do it in such a way so as not to provoke further disagreement or negativity

Able to maintain order and enforce rules when necessary

Able to remain impartial/objective and looks for compromise when defusing arguments / disputes
between members in the guild

Must be willing and able to actively recruit new members for the guild

Must be able to "lead by example" by following our guild rules and behave in a manner which is supportive, co-operative, mature, respectful and patient with others

Must be non-confrontational, but seek to find resolution to disagreements with a positive, pro-active attitude

Must be able to introduce new ideas / initiatives to grow the guild and contribute towards its success

Preference to being able to log into Discord Voice on occasions (officer meetings, etc) (benefit but not pre-requisite)

Willing to learn intimate knowledge of Final Fantasy 14 in order to assist others

Officer Responsibilities:

Attend regular officer meetings to discuss issues, challenges, new ideas and improvements

Support the recruitment team by actively seeking and recruiting new members to the guild following our recruitment process

Attend and assist in creating / running guild events

Maintain order, peace and harmony within the guild

Answer members questions and support members as often as possible to ensure their experience with the guild is a positive one

Respond to members threads in the forum and get involved in discussions

Actively promote guild events and join in guild dungeon runs / raids

Must be willing to dedicate some time to general guild admin

Raise any issues or problems identified with the officers and leader, discuss and then help to introduce solutions

Enforce disciplinary action when necessary in accordance with our guild rules

Actively seek to ensure high morale and positive atmosphere within the guild

Continuously seek to reduce / remove tensions or drama within the guild, and avoid
escalating / fuelling heated situations

Willingness to organise social events

Willingness to organise group dungeon runs and ensure fair distribution of participation

Actively assist with the planning, organisation and promotion of guild initiatives such as Alith Academy, Guild Raids, Alith-Cast, Member Awards, Guild Events, etc

Active DAILY use of officer and public forum

We will also only accept applications from members who are NOT already active officers / guild leaders of other guilds. We want to ensure that ALL Alith Officers are 100% committed to Alith and it's members. We are happy to accept applications from Alith members of ALL ranks (raid leaders, recruiters, members, senior members, etc..).

The above desired skills and job responsibilities are not exhaustive, but are some
of the main attributes to consider before applying for the role.

If you would like to join please contact us directly by sending us an email
(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with the following:

1. What are your reasons for wanting to become an officer in Alith?
2. Why you feel you are suitable for the job and what you will "bring to the table"
3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
4. What is your opinion on the state of the guild currently, and what would you change or do differently?
5. What are your long term plans in FF14?
6. Explain how you would deal with conflict or disruption in the guild.
7. Explain how you feel you demonstrate & believe in Alith values
8. How soon you are willing to begin the position
9. Do you have any breaks from the game/forum planned? if so when?
10. We may request a meeting with yourself to discuss your application, will this be possible for you and if so, what is your availability?
11. Are you already an active Officer / Guild Leader in another guild currently?
12. How do you feel you would fit into the team and work well with Krys and Bel?
13. What else would you like to share with us?

After the closing date, you will be contacted by Belazarus with the outcome. The next steps will be explained at that point.

Many thanks, and look forward to reading your application :)

Belazarus & Krysalan

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Alith Officers - Vacancies (CLOSED) #781
Hi all

We're pleased to advise that we're extending the deadline for applications until Friday midnight CET to give you further opportunity to apply for this rare vacancy.

Thanks all

Belazarus & Krys

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Alith Officers - Vacancies (CLOSED) #796
This vacancy is now closed.

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