Alith Raid Leaders - Multiple Vacancies (CLOSED)

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Alith Raid Leaders - Multiple Vacancies (CLOSED) #1896
Alith Raiding is coming!

It's with much excitement that we announce our intentions to launch our official guild raiding program, and as such, we are now actively looking to recruit Raid Leaders for the FC.

As an FC, we want to be able to offer regular, organised and fun raid events, for all of our members to enjoy together. Since launching, we have worked at building the foundations of our community, and now that we've reached the 100 member mark, we're ready to get our raiding scene going. Not only do we want to be able to have regular, scheduled, raid events catering to our members current needs & desires, but most importantly we want our members to be able to enjoy raiding in FF14 within that Alith spirit you all love.

This means friendly, supportive, respectful, pressure-free, FUN raids, where it's okay to make mistakes and you never have to worry about being on the receiving end of un-welcomed abuse. Where the focus is on having fun, with good friends, rather than being ultra competitive / elitist. Where EVERYONE in the guild can join in, regardless of your skill level, experience or gear - where there is something for everyone!

As an officer team, we are 100% committed to ensuring that our guild raids, will stay true to our guild values and ethos.

So what will Alith Raids look like?

We know that we have members at all levels of experience with a wide range of needs and wishes. We're committed to creating a system which ensures that there are events for first timers, beginners and more casual players, as well as the more experienced end-game players. Those of you who have been in Alith in our previous MMO's will be familiar with this setup, which we've enjoyed for many years with great success.

"Alith Academy Learning Raids", will be a series of raid and dungeon events, tailored for those who are still new to the dungeons & raids of FF14, or the more casual players, who are looking to enjoy the content in a supportive, pressure free, learning environment. These will be led by our official raid leaders who will take on a "Mentoring" role, to teach the mechanics & tactics of the dungeons, in a friendly, patient and tolerant manner - keeping the experience fun, lighthearted and focused on learning. Party wipes will be expected, and will likely be followed with laughs and useful discussions to help the team progress through each new challenge without stress. Everyone and anyone will be welcome to take part in these runs, and even experienced players can come along for the fun, to offer support and guidance to the learners too!

"Alith Experienced Raids" (or XP Raids) will be a series of raid and dungeon events, tailored for our more experienced and high level players, who are looking to tackle the toughest content in the game with fellow experienced guild mates, without needing any guidance. These will be designed for those players who are already geared, experienced and skilled to take on the tougher end-game content of the game, so you can expect to see certain requirements in order to sign up to these events. The requirements aren't there to "exclude" people, but to ensure that those who sign up to the event, have the gear & abilities required to clear the the tougher content and succeed. Since these events will take place in the hardest content of the game (or hardest challenges) we want to set these events up for success, and ensure that we have something for our experienced members, so they can continue to really enjoy their time with Alith.

The key thing here is, no matter what level you are, what experience you have or what your playstyle is, there will always be something for you to take part in and enjoy. This system also allows our members to have something to look forward to, and an easy way to "progress" through the content of FF14, with fellow guild mates. Once you have had your fill of Alith Academy, then you get to look forward to diving into the more challenging content in our Experienced Raids. All these raids will be led by our dedicated team of Alith Raid Leaders! We know that we already have a huge wealth of talented, experienced and helpful adventurers in Alith who we hope will rise to the call now that we are recruiting the team!

So you want to join the Raid Leader team?

If you are interested in applying for the Raid Leader role, please ensure you meet the following requirements and simply contact us answering the questions below. We'd like to appoint the new Raid Leaders as soon as possible ...... so we need to get applicants in quickly. This is a great opportunity for you to help us bring our raiding to life, and we'd like to encourage you guys to come forward if you'd like to be a part of the team.

Having experience leading raids in Alith is desirable, however it's not compulsory. If you haven't had the opportunity to lead a guild dungeon/raid run yet, but you feel you are capable, skilled and enthusiastic enough to take on the role, then please don't be shy to apply.

Position:Raid Leader

Number of Vacancies:Three

Closing Date: Friday 11th August 2017, Midnight CET.

Starting Date: Monday 14th August 2017


- Must be familiar with our guild rules and preferably have some experience leading dungeon runs, but this isn't compulsory.
- Should be organised, level headed, good communicator, and willing to work closely with Alith Officers and fellow Raid Leaders.
- Must be able to stay calm, maintain a relaxed pressure free atmosphere, and work well under pressure.
- Must be able to get along well with everyone in the guild.
- Must be able and willing to teach fellow guildies the tactics / mechanics of the FF14 dungeons/raids/trials, in a supportive, but confident manner. (In Voice on Discord)
- Needs to be very tolerant and patient, and someone who is not easily irritated when there is failure.
- Needs to be someone who puts "fun" before "efficiency".
- Needs to be able to work well within a team, listening to team mates and involving everyone.
- Needs to demonstrate Alith values: being respectful, kind, friendly, mature and understanding towards others is a must!
- Must be completely aligned with our guild values, and work with the team towards one common goal / vision.
- Ideally have a good amount of pre=experience / knowledge of the majority of FF14 raid, trial and dungeon content - to be able to adequately teach the mechanics (and be willing to learn).

How to apply: Simply contact us expressing your interest and willingness to help. Please share a paragraph explaining why you feel you meet EACH of the requirements above, and why you're interested in the role. You may contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Next Steps Once the closing date has passed, we may / may not decide to extend the closing date - depending on volume of applications. We may also request an informal chat / interview with you. We may also organise a "Trial Run" where we'd like to "see you in action" leading a guild raid/dungeon run.

All those who are successful, will be working with the Officer team to build our Raiding Structure, prior to launching the program itself - so be prepared to work closely with a team, in building a structure that will work for everyone in the FC, in line with our values and our goals.

We're excited and looking forward to building our first Raid Leader squad, so if you feel you meet all of the requirements above, and are passionate about Alith & Raiding - then do not be shy and send us your application! If you have any questions about the role itself, please do not be shy to get in touch with us.

Kind Regards
Belazarus & The Alith Officers

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