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5.0 AST Draw Macro #8004
If anyone wishes to pick up AST but doesn't know which card do what, here is a 5.0 Macro I made and would like to share. The macro tells you which class the card works best on (Melee DPS, Tank, Ranged DPS or Healer), the effect that will be added to your Arcana Gauge, and if the card will grant Lord of Crowns or Lady of Crowns.
/micon Draw
/ac Draw
/echo Balance - Melee Tank | Solar | Lord
/echo Arrow - Melee Tank | Lunar | Lord
/echo Spear - Melee Tank | Celestial | Lord
/echo Bole - Ranged Healer | Solar | Lady
/echo Ewer - Ranged Healer | Lunar| Lady
/echo Spire - Ranged Healer | Celestial | Lady
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