Grotto Lotto MEGA PRIZES and details

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Grotto Lotto MEGA PRIZES and details #5383

Grotto Lotto rules and MEGA PRIZES:

The Halloween Extravaganza “Grotto Lotto” draw will take place in the Ghoulish Grotto “Spooky Lounge” from 8:45pm CET. Make sure you get creative and come in your Halloween costume. We will judge the best and most creative 3 costumes and prizes will be awarded according to the advert poster in Discord. This will then be followed by the Lotto draw.

Tickets are on sale now for 1,000 Gil with unlimited player purchases (Whisper an officer to purchase).

Prizes will be drawn from highest to lowest value in that order, but winners may select any lower value prize in exchange for the prize won if preferred. Prize values correct at time of publish but can fluctuate on market board.

The UPDATED MEGA prizes* to be won are:

*Prizes are limited to a maximum of 3 per person and no duplicate prizes are allowed to the same winner.
In the event of any typo's when sending the in-game mails out with your numbers, the number allocations on the master spreadsheet will be final

NB: Purchase codes will be sent once Mog Station prizes have been selected.

If you can't be present for the draw, you will be awarded the prize won.

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