Alith 'meet our members' Advent Calendar 2018

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Alith 'meet our members' Advent Calendar 2018 #5729
Dear all

with the festive season upon us, we would like to take stock of where Alith is at right now, or in other words, our ‘class of 2018’.
As some of you have seen, we have recently started introducing our newcomers on social media. However, we have so many more amazing members in our FC, new and long standing ones, and we want to appreciate and showcase to each and every one of you.

Therefore, we want to feature your character in a meet-our-members ‘Advent-Calendar’!
You are all familiar with the concept of an advent calendar: every day we will open one window which represents one (or two) letters. This letter is the initial of your character’s first name. So for instance on the 1st of December we would like to introduce all characters whose first name starts on A, etc.

For this, we would like to add a character screenshot as well as one additional piece of information you provide us with (this could be something matter of factly like ‘Alith-caster’ or ‘Housing-enthusiast’ as well as something funny like e.g. ‘floor-hugger’ or ‘gpose-addict’).

If you would like to participate, please send the following to me on Discord private message:
- Character name
- Screenshot
- Additional piece of info (think of it as a title or a middle name)
- Preferred/main job (DoW / DoH / DoL – all are ok) (this is optional)

The 'Advent Calendar' will be a daily occurrence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Once the event is over I will also compile all the pictures and infos into one forum post on here.

I am looking forward to December with all of you!

Syl <3

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