Athnae's Sponsored Dungeon Run

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Athnae's Sponsored Dungeon Run #7783
Hi guy's, I'm pleased to announce a new event starting tomorrow and running until the September member award ceremony on 14th September. Its a fun and simple competition and the brainchild of Athnae, who has also very kindly sponsored the event by donating all the prize money.
All you have to do is find 3 other FC members and run any 4 man dungeons / roulettes. The 4 people with the highest proven number of complete dungeon runs will each win 1 million gil. Simply take a screen shot once the final boss is killed ensuring it shows the 4 members of the group and that will count towards your total. There is a bonus 1 mil gil for the person that causes the most dramatic death to an officer. The officers will judge the winner of this bonus prize.
1. Only complete FC member runs will count.
2. Must be 4 man dungeons.
3. Screen shots only as evidence of completes following final boss kill. Send to any officer
4. Screen shot must clearly show 4 group members
5. At least 1 party member must be different for each complete to count towards the total.
NB: We reserve the right to cancel the event and return teh funds to Athnae, if support is lacking, at the officers discretion.

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