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Hi Everyone

It's with much pleasure that we reveal our Member Award winners for July!

Please join us in thanking and congratulating every one of these people for their positive & valuable contributions to our community.

Guild Champion Winner:

Disdemona Morningstar

Dis has been helping out with the raids behind the scenes as well as in front of it. Dis is a great part of Alith and really deserves the recognition!

Above & Beyond Winners:
Disdemona Morningstar
For her constant effort in the all the raids mostly making them fun.
Dis has a lot of patience in the raids and is nice to players alike.
Shes very nice and shows up for every raid even though she's not signed up for it.

Eleriah Mair
For his incredible neverending patience and loads of positivity in the Learning raids.
Hes very active in the guild and nice to loads of people.

Evangelique Rosebelt
Evan has a lot of patience for everyone and makes raids fun.
Continues to be an amazing part of our community, with recruiting and raid leading. The raids wouldn't be the same with out him as he puts so much effort into them, with clear passion.

Mental Monkey
Continues to be a great part of the community, as well as doing a fantastic job in the recruiting section, as well as posting hunts and generally just helping others out with content.
He's also doing a lot of things to make sure the recruitment is going smoothly.

D'ohn Tia
For his cheerful and creative discord conversations.
He's an amazing part of Alith Cast and jumps into the game a lot to join his friends (All of Alith :))

Party Animal Winners:
Ferra Aideron
Because he's a weirdly good dancer!
Great to talk to and love seeing online in the Free Company.
Because hes fun to hang around with (and spam emotes)

D'ohn Tia
Has me laughing in stitches in discord chat and keeps the mood high, great dude to be around.
He's always making a little party when hes in the chat/discord.

Bar'aquiel Duskscale
For joining dungeons even when he already did them.
He's always up for something fun, dungeons and joking around altogether.

Checkers La'scuro
Always fun to hang out with and great to talk to.
It's always fun to raid with her as we always have a lot of fun!

Ryouko Oikawa
It's always fun to play with him!
Ryouko is always nice and wants to help a lot as well!
He's a nice person and I'm glad he's part of Alith

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Congratulations to all of the below who have reached their 6 month mark with Alith, and are now Senior Members within the FC! Thank you for your commitment and dedication to the community!


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