September Awards! Nominate your winners!

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September Awards! Nominate your winners! #5116

August Awards

Hi Everyone!

It's that time where we get to recognise fellow Alithians for being positive influences on the community, and for going the extra mile to make Alith the friendly, fun and pleasant FC that it is. We will be carrying out a Members Awards ceremony once every month, to celebrate and thank all those fantastic members who make a real positive difference.

If you are not yet familiar with our awards program, CLICK THIS LINK to read the full description.

As a reminder you are all invited to send in your nominations for individuals in the guild who you'd like to receive one of our member awards.
You are able to nominate as many fellow guildies as you would like, for both the "Above & Beyond" and "Party Animal" awards!

How to nominate:

Simply send us a message, with the name / names of those fellow guild members who you'd like to nominate to receive an award, along with your reasons for the nomination.
You can send us your nominations by:

In Game Mail to Aiden Korosu or any of the other officers.
Discord: Private message to @Aiyden#0707 (Aiden)
Forum: Private message to Aiden

Nomination closing date is Midnight Friday 14th September - so get your nominations in ASAP!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards
Aiden & The Alith Officers

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