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Hi Everyone,

We are pleased to announce that we are opening the gardens for member use with immediate effect. Obviously there are only 3 patches, a cycle of cross breeding or growth can take many days and we have a lot of members, so this is very much experimental, to see whether it can work with so many members and so few garden patches, and may be subject to cessation at any time.

In order to try and make this work, the following guidelines are necessary:

1. Use will be on a first come first serve basis. The officers will keep a "waiting list" and let you know when your turn has arrived.
2. Use is restricted to those members without their own personal house or access to gardening facilities.
3. A new "Gardener" rank will be assigned for the period of your turn giving access to the gardening facility.
4. Use per turn is restricted to 1 garden patch per member. Please do not abuse your access and interfere with the other 2 patches.
5. The duration of 1 turn will vary according to use. Please state the use with an officer at the start of your turn and the duration will be agreed according to the time needed to complete the required growth cycles. This may include reasonable cross breeding for the necessary seeds and final growth.
6. Use of grade 3 soil is required to guarantee as far as possible the required result in the shortest time and fertilisation using "Fishmeal" is desirable as often as possible to cut the growth time down by 1 hour for each fertilisation round.
7. Should your crop wither and die due to neglect and lack of tending at the required intervals, your turn will end and your member rank will revert back to its original status.
8. Should you over-run your allocated time slot by 5 days, your plot will be harvested by an officer and relinquished to the next member. Any product received from harvest or removal can be reclaimed from the officer once back online. You will be sent an in-game mail to tell you who to contact. In this event, your turn will end and member rank revert to original.
8. You are responsible for the purchase and use of the required soils and seeds. Grade 3 soils can be gathered via mining of timed level 50 nodes, collected by mining retainers via level 50 mining ventures, purchased from the market board or bought by exchanging poetics in Idylshire for unidentified shell (Shroud soil) or unidentified ore (Thanalan soil) at "Hismena", the exchanging those with "Bertana" for the soil.

Useful gardening site with details of cross breed combinations and lots of guidance and instruction can be found at . Alternatively, please feel free to speak to an officer for any hints and tips if you are unsure how it all works.

Just poke Nalroz in game or Bel and Nashu in his absence if you are interested in using the gardening facilities.

Have fun and happy gardening

Nalroz and the Officers

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