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Alith - A New Year Message! #5963
Greetings all!

On behalf of myself and the Alith Officer Team, we would like to wish every Alithian a very happy & rewarding 2019!
As we embark into the new year, we'd like to reflect on all the progress we've made in 2018, while looking forward to the year ahead.

Alith arrived in Eorzea in March 2017, and so far the game has totally lived up to our hopes & expectations. Final Fantasy XIV has really turned out to be the perfect home for our community, and as a result Alith enjoyed a truly successful year in 2018.

FC Growth & Recruitment

We have stuck with our "Quality over Quantity" recruitment approach, making sure that we hand pick every member of our FC instead of mass-inviting people at random. This approach may be slower, but it's proven to never let us down and has resulted in us having a great community of like minded people who share our values. We have continued to grow at a steady & healthy pace (not too fast where we lose that family feel, but not too slow either - allowing us to maintain a healthy population while still growing gradually).

We've grown to 190 active members, with a good level of activity & buzz both in game and discord. We want to offer our heartfelt thanks to our stellar Recruitment Champion team, who have done an outstanding job for us this year. Through successfully attracting fantastic new people into our community, they have truly kept Alith alive and growing! An active, populated community, means a place where you can make new friends, get help and enjoy the games content with great company. We're excited to see Alith continue to reach further heights over the next year, without ever losing that close-knit community feeling!

Alith Raiding!

2018 also saw our FC Raiding Activity continue to grow and evolve. As we've continued to receive new & exciting raid content in the game, and our FC has continued to evolve, our Raid Leader team have continued to bring regular, relevant, fun raid events for everyone to enjoy. It's an ongoing challenge to make sure that the raid events we offer our members, meet everyone's needs & preferences. Disdemona & the Raid Leader team have continued to listen to our members feedback, and have dedicated hundreds of hours making adjustments to make sure all our raids are as fun & rewarding as they can be.

Together we have enjoyed countless fun & successful raid events - whether they be supportive learning raids or thrilling completion raids. We'd like to thank our super Raid Leader team for all the hours they've dedicated to keeping our raiding scene alive, and for all the fun experiences we've been able to enjoy! With so much more content announced for Final Fantasy XIV, the future of Alith Raiding looks very promising, and we can't wait to experience all the new raiding content with you all!

So a pretty successful year when looking at our FC Growth and Raiding - but we've enjoyed success in many other aspects too!


2018 saw plenty of fun packed & informative Alith-Cast episodes. We'd like to thank everyone who's been involved in Alith-Cast over the years, and although our podcast is currently on a break (due to technical issues), you can rest assured that it has not been abandoned. We are already looking at new ways of bringing the show back to you all, and you can be sure that Alith-Cast will be back on your screens again in early 2019! If anyone is interested in being involved in our official podcast, please feel free to get in touch with Bel for more details!

FC House

One of the benefits of being in Alith, has been the joy of logging into the game, and hanging out with fellow Alithians at our FC Mansion in Shirogane! There is ALWAYS a buzz of activity around our home in game, and 2018 saw a multitude of significant improvements to our house. The house saw a major cosmetic overhaul, thanks to Officer Disdemona, and we've also made several improvements to the way our members interact with our FC house, thanks to Deputy Leader Nalroz taking ownership of the management of features such as our gardens and workshop.

The house has continued to be the hub of the Alith Community, with our Member Award ceremonies happening in our event hall downstairs, and a series of fun exciting events being held there as well. Our FC House is in MUCH better shape these days, and we will continue to listen to feedback from our members on how we can continue to take advantage of our awesome home in game!

Alith Events

We were also treated to some pretty spectacular FC events in 2018, peaking with one of Alith's all time greatest events - the Alith Halloween Extravaganza! A full day event, designed by Disdemona & Nalroz and hosted by the officer team, which was truly one of the most memorable moments of the year. So many fun games and prizes, it was truly an event for the ages.

We also saw the introduction of Funday Mondays, and of course a series of Social Media linked screenshot competitions and events brought to us by Officer Sylente, wrapping up the year with our Christmas Advent Calendar event. We are committed to making sure that we continue to bring the FC more fun exciting social events in the next year, we have so many more ideas (many of which have come from our members!).

Alith on Social Media

Also in late 2018, Alith finally made its HUGELY overdue return to the Social Media scene! Thanks to Sylente, our official Facebook and Twitter accounts were brought back to life with an official re-launch, as well as the official launching of our very own Instagram account too! In the last couple of months that Sylente has been leading our social media channels, we've seen more activity there than we've seen all year. With the latest FC updates, Final Fantasy XIV news, and a series of fun interactive events showcasing the members of our community (and their screenshot taking talents!), our social media presence is certainly alive and well. We welcome you all to give us a follow!

Member Awards

Recognising and thanking the members of our community, is hugely important to us, which is why we have our very own recognition programme called Alith Awards. Over the year, we have give out 56 awards to various members who have really stood out as making a positive difference in Alith. We also recognise those who have stuck with Alith, with "Senior Member" status once they reach the 6 month mark, as a way to say thank you for their loyalty & dedication to Alith!

The Officer team know that without our amazing members, there is no Alith, so we're committed to continuing to recognise & show appreciation to all those who make a difference (as difficult as that is, since SO many of you make a positive difference every single day!) We are currently reviewing the awards programme to make sure it's still effective and works well, so watch this space as our next round of member awards is already overdue! Rest assured, Member Awards isn't going anywhere, and we'll be opening up nominations for our next round of award winners very soon.

Those are just some of the highlights of the year. Phew! We've really made some good progress, and this all culminated with Alith managing to secure 2nd place in the Monthly Official Server Rankings in November! We never imagined to have so much success in just one year, and we're so appreciative & grateful to have such an awesome community who helped make it happen!

With the recent announcement of the next big expansion for Final Fantasy XIV - Shadowbringers, we know that there are still years to come of Alith adventures in Eorzea! We are all still loving the game and there is so much more we want to achieve as a community. As we go into 2019, we're looking forward to our continued steady growth, bringing back Alith-Cast, hosting even more & new types of social events, continued evolution of our raiding scene, growing our social media presence even further, see more new faces joining our leadership teams, continued improvement of member awards, and continuing to reach for that number 1 position in the server rankings! With all of your involvement and feedback, we know that we can reach all of our goals in 2019 and further!

We already believe that we are THE social FC in Final Fantasy XIV that everyone should want to join, and we're looking forward to building on our strengths even further in the year to come. With 2019 being the year that Alith celebrates its 10th birthday (yeah, we've been going for 10 years!!), let's make it our best year ever!

Thanks for being the best community ever, and keep being awesome everyone.

Kind Regards
Belazarus & The Alith Officers

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