Alith Senior Member Promotions!

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Alith Senior Member Promotions! #6052
Hi Everyone

It's with great pleasure that we announce our latest group of Senior Member promotions! All these members have passed their 6 month mark with Alith, so we'd like to thank them all for their loyalty, dedication and commitment to the FC! We look forward to having you as part of our community for years to come, and indeed look forward to seeing more members achieve Senior Member status in the months to come.

Congratulations and Thank you!

Badgirly Ylrigdab
Evan Aelsentis
D'ohn Tia
Checkers La'scuro
Azrall Averaice
Cyretti Lasauvage
Ilere Nyrash
G'rahl Aoraion
Alinthia Alexandros
Sicae Le
Tyon Roycefied
Ryouko Oikawa
G'hislane Tia
Veridyssia Quo
Cheryse Alyssia
Richard Cranel
Bar'aquiel Duskscale
Prodigious Temo
Yalla Beanz
Raionchi Sukana
Tyrion Bane
Pieces Flake
Aura Windsong

If you'd like to know more about our Member Awards programme, head over to this post for details:

Kind Regards
Belazarus & The Alith Officers

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