Alith Awards Re-Launch (With New Features!)

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Alith Awards Re-Launch (With New Features!) #7107

Greetings all you wonderful Alithians! Alith Awards has been on a little break, but we're super pleased to announce that it's back.
For any of you who aren't yet familiar with Alith Awards and how our recognition program works, please feel free to head over to our Alith Awards Introduction to read the full overview.

We're pleased to reveal that over the last few weeks, your officers have been working in the background towards finding some new ways to freshen up the program, to make it even more engaging & rewarding.

As a result, we're excited to reveal several improvements & new additions to our recognition scheme that we hope you will all enjoy!

Awards means Points, Points means Prizes!

Effective immediately we are introducing a brand new "Rewards Scheme" into Alith Awards. Now, each time you are recognised with an Alith Award or Senior Member Promotion, you will also be awarded "Award Points". You can view your total earned award points in your forum profile page, and it will also appear underneath your avatar on your forum posts (see screenies below). The more awards you earn, the more points you're given. You will be able to SPEND your Award Points anytime you like, on a range of prizes available to you via an Officer. Want to hoard up your points? Wanna spend them ASAP? The choice is yours!

Points Earned:
Guild champion = 30 pts
Senior member = 20 pts
All other awards = 10 pts

Points Displayed:

Spending your points is simple & easy. Simply contact any Alith Officer, let them know which prize you would like, and they will arrange to give you your prize and update your points right away. At this time, the prizes available are various amounts of in game gil (so you can then buy whatever you want!) however more prizes may be added to the prize catalogue in time, so keep your eyes peeled.

Spending Points on Prizes:
1 million gil - 120 points.
500k gil - 70 points.
250k gil - 40 points.

As we already have several Senior Members in our community, and you can only earn that once, we will be awarding all our existing seniors with their earned points immediately. Any future Senior Member promotions and Award Winners will be awarded points from this point onwards. Unfortunately we won't be able to back-date points for all previously earned award winners, purely down to the sheer volume and we thank you for your understanding with that.

Member Awards Discord Integration

It's about time too! Some of you may have already noticed, we have a new Discord channel dedicated to Alith Awards. We will use this channel for all award announcements, as well as showcasing our recent list of award winners and senior member promotions.

In addition to that, all current month Award Winners will be granted a new shiny Discord colour & rank - now we can see our winners visibly and celebrate their recognition! Of course, for anyone who would prefer not to have the spotlight, just let an officer know and we can leave your discord colour & rank as normal if you prefer.

This is just the start, and as we continue to look into more features Discord can offer us, we will continue to integrate our awards program into Discord.

Alith Awards on Event Calendar

We want to make sure that Alith Awards happens regularly, and that our members can be confident in looking forward to the celebrations every month. In order to make this seamless and reliable, we will be including all Alith Award events onto our Events Calendar on our homepage. This includes when nominations are open for our monthly awards, as well as when the actual ceremony is taking place.

Don't forget that we will also be making use of our new Discord channel to announce when nominations are open, and when the ceremony is taking place too! We are committed to making sure that our community can look forward to Alith Awards every month, and with this increased visibility we hope it will be even easier to keep track as well as encourage more members to participate! We can use ALL your help in spreading the word, so that we get maximum participation and plenty of nominations every month, we certainly aren't lacking in outstanding candidates to win awards!

Guild Champion Rewards

Every month, 1 special member is awarded the crown award of "Guild Champion". Along with the points earned, every guild champion will also have the opportunity to choose one of the following prizes of their choice:

The casting vote for next months Guild Champion from the officers shortlist AND one of the following:

-Exclusive use of an FC Airship or Submarine for the month
-Exclusive use of all 3 FC Gardens for 1 week
-1 Mog station Emote of your choice
-1 Mog station Minion of your choice
-1 Mogstation Phial of Fantasia
-1 Mogstation 10 pack of Dyes
-1 Mogstation Chocobo Barding of your choice
-1 Mogstation Retainer Fast Leveller to 60

We will continue to think about other new innovative perks we could offer our Guild Champions in the future!

We hope you all enjoy these latest improvements to our recognition program, which is so important to us. We can never understate our appreciation and gratitude we have towards all our amazing members, and we're pleased to be able to re-launch our Alith Awards with these new exciting perks. If any of you have any questions, ideas or suggestions - please feel free to contact any of the officers anytime.

Nominations for Aprils Member Awards are NOW OPEN! So what are you waiting for, head over to This Post for all the details on how to nominate those members you want to recognise for being awesome:

See you all at our next Alith Awards Ceremony!

Belazarus & Your Alith Officers


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