May Alith Awards Winners!

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May Alith Awards Winners! #7354
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May Winners!

We'd like to thank everyone who participated in this month's Alith Awards! Thank you to everyone who sent in nominations to recognise your fellow Alithians for their good deeds, and a huge congratulations to all our worthy winners! We'd also like to thank everyone else who didn't win an award this time, there are so many fantastic members of this community, that we could easily give so many awards to so many others.

You can read all about Alith Awards over on THIS POST

We hope to see you all again next month, for our next round of Alith Awards (early July). See you then!

Above & Beyond Winners:

Tyrion Bane
"If you ask in the fc chat, if he’s available he will always come with you even if he’s already done it"
"Tyrion has been incredibly helpful and inviting since I've returned from a break"
"He's always trying to get people to join the map runs (and roulettes) plus always helping people with completion and progression."
"What can we say, all members so far can identify his tendency to help people!"

Trixie Pixie
"She has made such a positive impact in our family in such a short time. She's regularly doing roulettes with the FC and of course she is the Auri of Alith helping us explore and uncover the lost riches beneath Eorzea with her weekly treasure hunts. She brings a lot of energy and fun into the family. Apart from gaming, she is also a wonderful woman irl. I love her for who she is and I'm happy to play with this "Beauty" with her never-ending glams and versatile experienced job roles. She deserves a Champion's award"
"She's been doing map runs every week and organizing them as a members event and always trying to keep things fun"
"Always getting people together, with maps or just her presence and always fun to be around , always acceptive of everyone and everything"

Nym Circle
"He helps anyone in need and goes as far as lvling miner! He knows alot things in game, like relic weapons, and loves to share his knowledge. He is patient with new players and calmly explaines things to them. He is a gem!"
"For always helping people and going above and beyond!"
"Fellow Greek, lending a hand, mostly on weird times!"

Chi Mander
"Another shining example of how someone can make a difference in such a short time she's been here. She is very cheerful and fun to play/talk with. Even though she hasn't finished her MSQ yet, she's already helping other new members with their duties"
"They took the time out of their day to help little old me through my first dungeon and helping to teach me about it :-)"
"For being a consistently active member of the family, always livening up FC chat and helping others"
"I always have fun when I'm running duties with her!"
"Chi's a really fun person in the FC and has brightened up my time in Alith and deserves the recognition!"

Tharyan Umbracore
"For being helpful and actively running daily and non-daily things- like when they did several extreme trial runs they didn't need for a couple of us"
"Theyre always there to help, to any dungeon, no matter the level it is - and for the amount of patience he has"
"Not always the loudest person, but always there to offer advice or help out when it's needed, so I'd like to show him some appreciation!"

Party Animal Winners:

Vivere Mori
"Cause any duty I do with him I spend about 3/4 of it in tears because he’s so funny and makes even the most boring of dutys bare-able"
"There's no one who makes people smile like Viv, even in their most difficult times and I love him for that. He deserves a lot more than an award for such a talent is a rare gift. He is a great PvP Sensei and the "Beast" of the family :)"
"They are always keeping the fun going in my opinion"
"Hes always up for having a good time and making awful jokes"
"will become the best streamer the west (*EUNE) has ever seen, i see this potential in him, this power, he is the chosen one, Mr. Happy and Larry will ask him to autograph their nipples"

Trixie Pixie
"I always have fun when I'm running duties with her!"
"They are always keeping the fun going in my opinion"
"She knows how to make everyone happy! Her smart wit, our laughing pit!"

Mi'wa Leya
"Mi'wa really helped me a lot this week!"
"For always helping people and going above and beyond!"
"They are always keeping the fun going in my opinion"
"Strong humor when it comes to enduring pvp matches!"

Bar'aquiel Duskcale
"Fun, sarcastic and chill dude, he can almost make you smile often."
"They are always keeping the fun going in my opinion"
"Always bringing a smile and a laugh to Alith, really plays a big role in keeping Alith the fun light hearted community that it is!"

"He is a true knight in dark armor :D He's very cool and always helpful and available for anything. It's very relaxing and fun to play with him. Bar is also a wonderful person irl. I wish him good luck with his new work :)"

Henda Tempest
"They are always keeping the fun going in my opinion"
"That laid back brit! Our big teddy bear!"
"Great sense of humour and helps to bring a laugh into the community"

Newcomer of the Month Winner:

Erdall Vansen
"Has given great suggestions and helped Alith create new ways to help its members, and for that I believe he deserves an award too"
"He's always active and helpful. Ready to do roulettes, PoTD, PvP just about anything and he's quite fun to play with also on discord :)"
"For relentlessly helping others complete their runs, especially during quieter periods of the day where it's difficult to find people available to help, and never asks for anything in return"
"He's been very kind and helped me out with quite a few dungeons"
"vale cabron! Lord Errr has been the outstanding rookie of this month :smiley: he is a natural Alithian and a proud soldier of Eorzia! But also a weeb :)"

Can't Stop Running Winners:

Erdall Vansen
Tyrion Bane
Kusanagi Ryujin
Belas Duzz
Grimoire Weiss
Trixie Pixie
Chi Mander
Pieces Flake
Mi'wa Leya
Nym Circle

Senior Member Promotions:

Aeron Ellsworth
Henda Tempest

Guild Champion

Bar'aquiel Duskcale
Our guild champion this month, is an Alithian who actually just hit their 1 year anniversary in the FC! After a whole year in the FC, this person is still just as active, involved, and an engaged in the community as he was from day 1. He might have terrible jokes, but he can always be relied upon to bring a smile & a laugh to the guild. Our members have recognised with party animal & can't stop running awards before, as he's always willing to offer a helping hand as well as plenty of friendly banter. He's really at the heart of our community, and everyone only ever has positive things to say about this guy. So let's all put our hands together, congratulate him on his 1 year birthday with Alith and recognise him for all his contributions over the year! Our Guild Champion for May is Bar'aquiel Duskcale !

Kind Regards
Bel & The Alith Officers

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