August Alith Awards Winners!

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August Alith Awards Winners! #7858
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August Winners!

We'd like to thank everyone who participated in this month's Alith Awards! Thank you to everyone who sent in nominations to recognise your fellow Alithians for their good deeds, and a huge congratulations to all our worthy winners! We'd also like to thank everyone else who didn't win an award this time, there are so many fantastic members of this community, that we could easily give so many awards to so many others.

You can read all about Alith Awards over on THIS POST

We hope to see you all again next month, for our next round of Alith Awards. See you then!

Above & Beyond Winners:

Athnae D'artaeum
"for both the crazy greetings and comments that always put a smile on my face and the effort (and resources) put to organize a new event for the guild"
"always great conversation in FC chat with this one, our very own amazingly alliterative allstar! lol"
"For going out of their way all the time, to help out the community, and for coming up with some great event ideas for the guild"

Alinthia Dawnstar
"She really has gone above and beyond for me, helping me through a terrible time. I don't know what I would have done without her x"
"because she's always ready to help others with anything, even if she doesn't get anything out of it and for always being a listening ear."
"always runs any content with anyone to help, no matter how many times she's already done it on the day"

Thranduil Eleval
"For being a lovely person and always being helpful, happy to jump in to give others a hand!"
"For always being willing to help others out and offering helpful advice"

Kira Sozuke
"For being a lovely person and always being helpful, happy to jump in to give others a hand!"
"For helping me out with something really important to me"

Leon Taurus
"goes above and beyond to help others with content and farming"
"For always helping others and being a super active member of the family"
"he is always there to help and he helped me out with something really important to me!!"

Party Animal Winners:

D'ohn Tia
"For being lively and keeping Discord fun & active"
"for generally being a stand up person and always up for chats and helping out"
"for being the King of Wholesomeness."
"No reason given"

Joaine Norbertillon
"For being lively and keeping Discord fun & active"
"for their kindness and support in discord and in game always."

Wa'Fayik Tia
"For being lively and keeping Discord fun & active"
"Because they're always around to have fun and a laugh with, and do goofy shit"
"for just being an absolute sweety as always!"

Xaert Orel
"Because they're always around to have fun and a laugh with, and do goofy shit"
"for always being friendly and jumping in to help where they can"

Softi Thistle
"for always being a force of positive vibes "
"For always bringing positivity and friendliness to the community!"

Newcomer of the Month Winner:

Lil Zombie
"Because they have really fit into our community in no time"
"For being super active, funny, and helpful in just a short time of being in the FC!"

Can't Stop Running Winners:

Xaert Orel
Thranduil Elerval
Lil Zombie
Eva Valentine
Wa'fayik Tia
Veridyssia Duo
Lily D'rose
Nightzerk Nunh
Alinthia Dawnstar
Kira Sozuke
Gina Elfenherz
Leon Taurus

Senior Member Promotions:


Guild Champion

Softi Thistle
"This person has been in the FC over a year now, and has really stood by our community through all the ups and downs. They are always super positive and friendly, even when they are going through tough times themselves, and is never far away when someone needs to be cheered up! They are always engaging with the community, welcoming new members, both in discord and in game, and really represents the Alith spirit wonderfully. We're really lucky to have someone with such a big heart, who gets along with everyone, and genuinely cares about our Alith family. We feel this one is long overdue, so we'd like to give a massive THANK YOU to this person, for keeping our Alith values alive, and helping to make our community special. Our guild champion is......... Softi Thistle!

Kind Regards
Bel & The Alith Officers

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