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Happy New Year everyone!

With the arrival of 2020, the Alith Officer team are super determined for this to be our most successful year ever! We are still 100% committed to our community & indeed Final Fantasy XIV, and have already discussed several ideas & initiatives we'd like to pursue, in continuing to improve & grow our awesome FC.

We are pleased to reveal the first wave of improvements we've implemented, which is now in effect!

Members "Forum" Section Disabled

As our Discord activity has continued to evolve & grow, it has meant that our members "forum" section of the website has no longer been needed, and indeed hasn't really been used by anyone in quite some time. In solidifying Discord as our main social hub for communication, we've disabled the members section of the forum for the foreseeable future.

We are always happy to review this as time goes on, but as it currently stands, it makes sense to keep Discord as our primary place for all communication & interaction between members.

The Alith Website itself will remain active of course, and will be primarily used for sharing news with both Alithians & the outside community, promoting the FC, Recruitment, FC member roster, Event Calendar, a place for permanent resources, and for the leadership teams to organise & plan in the background. will remain our main web presence, so everyone knows how Alith are doing & how to get in touch with us.

We will also keep the "Important Articles" and "Announcements" sections of the forum, for the ability to store permanent important articles (which will also be shared in Discord of course).

We hope that this logical step, will help to enforce Discord as our hub of social activity, and also help to streamline our website as our online web presence.

Streamlining Application Process

We want joining Alith to be as quick and easy a process as possible for our new members, while still making sure that we assess every new member who joins, to ensure they will fit in well with us and share our values. To achieve this, we have significantly reduced the amount of info we ask for during registration, and have improved the wording of some of the application questions to make them easier to understand. We hope this will make the whole process a lot quicker, easier, and help bring new Alithians into the family painlessly.

Members will still have the option of updating their profile with all the additional information, should they choose to, but it will no longer be required as part of the application / registration process itself.

Improve New Member Zone

Our FC has developed and evolved a lot over the last couple of years, and we want to make sure all our new members have a pleasant arrival & introduction to the FC. So we've carried out a serious update to our "New Member Zone" page to make it relevant and current. We hope that this will help our new members find their way around much easier, and enjoy settling into our community.

Our New Member Zone now includes links to the following useful info:

- Guild Rules
- Important Articles
- Update Your Profile
- Join us on Discord
- Meet Your Officers
- Alith Raiding
- Alith Awards
- Follow us on Social Media

Other tweaks & enhancements to website

We have also made several other smaller updates to the website, removing some redundant sections and making sure all the content is up to date & relevant for our members & outside visitors alike.
This included:

- Main Menu completely updated (old content removed and a LOT of new useful resources added)
- Useful Links on homepage updated
- Staff Vacancies updated
- News Content updated

This is just the first wave of many improvements we have for the FC in 2020. We have a LOT more in store, including the return of organised Alith Raiding, New Social Events, Expanding our Leadership Teams, Return of Alith-Cast, Other new Initiatives we can't reveal just yet, and more! Please keep your eyes peeled to Discord for announcements on all our future changes & improvements!

We're looking forward to having a sensational 2020 with all of you! Long live Alith!

Kind Regards
Belazarus & Your Alith Officers

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