Alith-Awards - June Winners & Nominations!

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Alith-Awards - June Winners & Nominations! #9376

Thanks to everyone who was able to join us for this months Alith-Awards ceremony, and congratulations to all our winners! Thanks everyone for voting, as without your nominations, this fun monthly event isn't possible. A massive thank you to all our members, whether you won an award this time or not, its our members that make Alith awesome, so we are appreciative of all of you! Below is the full list of winners , as well as the FULL list of nominations.

Remember, you can now nominate your fellow Alithians anytime, anyday, as the form is permanently open! You can nominate your fellow Alithians over at our new re-vamped nominations form:

You can also read all about our Alith Awards programme, over here:

Guild Champion Winner
Nalroz Morningstar

Newcomer of the Month Winner
Roof Pigeon

Above & Beyond Winners
Bar'aquiel Duskscale
Gina Elfenhertz
Saha McDorf
Aya Kitsaro
Joaine Norbertillon

Party Animal Winners
Spicy Meatballs
Aya Kitsaro
Curry Bun
Roof Pigeon
Thane Stormstride

Full Nomination List + Commentary

Above & Beyond Nominations

Bar'aquiel Duskscale
-Helps out whenever he can, keeps the chat very active and seems to put some fire into other people aswell.
-Very helpful with enquiries
-They are one of the few who instantly jump to help out and is supportive for new comers when tehy encounter different mechanics in a dng run!
-Never complains at being stealth recruited to run roulettes, always the first to volunteer to help new players, and puts up with our shiz - 10/10 would recommend
-He is always there for everybody and very much so best friend of the fc.
-Always very helpfull and kind.
-For constantly being helpful and friendly, this guy has Alith running through his veins, just an awesome guy

Gina Elfenhertz
-they are always ready to help together with their friend
-Always asking other to join on roulettes, Happy to see her online again
-Has been with the FC for years, and still ALWAYS offers to help others out with their runs / content - she's a constant helpful person, even if she isn't the loudest, so thank you Gina!
-Always asking others for roulettes

Saha McDorf
-Always happy to help out ppl when needed
-Helpfull and always a cheery guy! Really invested in wanting to help ppl and make sure ppl have it good in the guild.
-Happy to help others
-Willing to drop what he's doing and help whenever asked. Really great guy to talk to, and great humor!

Aya Kitsaro
-Always active in FC chat, see her joining ppl left and right simply to help!
-Always cheerful and happy to help
-She had always wanted to help out even if not joining herself into the partys! Is nice if people need longer to understand certain mechanics and is more then "just" fun to be around with
-Always helping out others

Joaine Norbertillon
-(I'll regret this but...) thank you for encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone and actually improve my gameplay xD
-Always willing to help with making progress and crafting.
-Even though we havent talked much, she always join in to help with roulettes or whatever we plan on doing, no questions asked!
-Has been more active in the fc lately... and more chatty in fc chat.

Nunally-vi Lorelei
-Ive not spoken to her that much, but she seems to be doing a good job with raids and organizing them. + Some lala only events (Which subsequently got crashed by normal sized people)
-They are always generouse when helping out. They dun mind to take a bit of time to do a dng run but also acompaning during msq to help out with mob spawns!
-She might be totally bonkers, and can't make up her mind which race she wants to be - but man is she generous with her time, always there to help out a fellow Alithian, anytime, anyone with anything. She's been pretty helpful since day 1 joining the FC, so thank you!

Tharyan Umbracore
-always ready to help with dungeons and allways offering places for dungeons as well
-Always asking other to join on roulettes, Happy to see him online again

Spicy Meatballs
-Nuff' said. (But no, helps out whenever she has a chance, brings good vibes to chat at all times.)
-Barely does anything but help out guildies 24/7, works her pretty lil ass off tbh! Wont have to look hard in the chat to spy her name. Always there, bringing laughs, kind words and encouragement! (Also, naughty! (Spicy!))

Curry Bun
-Always willing to help with dungeon or trials. Also helped me figure out how to transfer the game files to my new computer so I wouldn’t have to wait forever.
-Very kind and helpfull

Xaert Orel
-For giving useful advices in difficult times.
-For getting events going and with such cheer aswell! Jumps around alot, also always a positive note in the chat=)

Abyss Mirage
-Even in the mornings she is full of joy. Never seems to have a bad mood.
-Very helpfull

Malice Avenir
-Helps out all the time, and i really mean all the time. Goes above and beyond to help. With tasks or just info.
-Always lurking, watching, waiting....for the opportunity to offer helpful advice \o/

Thane Stormstride
-Always in the thick of it

Kazaori Ittetsu
-Pretty much an all round solid member of the FC! Always helpful, always friendly, helps out wherever he can and always willing to offer advice - great Alithian!

Everyone whos online
-can't pick one here. I feel lucky to have helpful people all around, who will help when they can.

Alsanrak Rose
-He is most precipous with supporting peeps and doesnt mind to drive a person through msq, get certain dyes as example. Or what ever role you need for a dng or trial

Sylente Demyse
-Works hard to organize social FC events and really brings her A-game to them! Also a general positive and helpful person in the FC.

Aeron Ellsworth
-Thank you for your constant dedication to taking us Alithians on great raid runs, and always being on hand to help everyone out with their content - super raid leader Aeron, thank you!

Jallfy Jallford
-That guy religiously helps EVERYONES chocobo by always feeding / training all the choco's for us - just thought I'd give him a nod of appreciation!

Rosa Luxemburg
-Shes nice and utterly "mothering". Even if you deny she will not relent till she lets you help out if you need anything; be it gil to get materials, mount farm or simply company in a dng run.

Xrola Mole
-Being kind and helped me with my characters.

Badgirly Ylrigdab
-So bad its good! Positive, helpfull and always takes the time to teach/explain!

Ilya Meowromets
-Our tanky catboi! Witty protector and sharpest edgelord. Mentor in the arts of leading the troops to battle o7

Party Animal Nominations

Spicy Meatballs
-Will throw herself into any conversation to spruce it up, and always laughs at my totally awesome jokes! Spice of life
-A barrel of laughs at any time :D
-Greets everyone and gets along with everybody. Funny.
-Great addition, always a good laugh and fun to play with.
-I mean, everyone knows she should win this.
-Meatballs Nomnomnom
-For obvious reasons.....she's spicy with it.
-You can always count on Spicy to offer friendly greetings and friendly chit chat all the time, with everyone! She's really brought so much energy & fun to the FC and makes everyone feel welcomed
-Being nuts, perverted, and rather helpful

Aya Kitsaro
-Jokes and laughs abound with Aya. From puns, snide remarks to sexual harrasment! Perfect!
-AYAYAYAYA! My partner in (weird) crime, always here with the bants and support 3
-Always a happy happpy joy joy person.
-her positive attitude and her amazing jokes always make me laugh.
-When in a good mood is life of the party
-Aya's humore is one bring joy into the fc chat when ever shes online. May it be dirty comments, funny moments or just general chatting.
-Always up for it
-Happiest person ever

Curry Bun
-She has a really great but also dirty humor. its easy to relax around her and enjoy an evening full of laugh, fun and dirty humor!
-Pink Squad ftw!!!
-Pink Squad ftw
-She's so much fun as well, and brings plenty of humour & giggles to the FC - she really is one of the hearts of the community, love her!

Roof Pigeon
-Roekoeeeeee, I love the pigeon "noises"
-Being a pigeon?!
-Since joining us, he's really settled in quickly and has brought so many laughs & fun to the FC, he's been great fun!

Thane Stormstride
-Always welcomes everone who gets online
-mah partner in crime n fun to mess with
-Always willing to help me and others

Bar'aquiel Duskscale
-Meh, now im just being nice! (Nah, he's always helping and keeping the chat active. With enough funny remarks to earn him a spot here aswell!)
-A bright spot on any run you join with him :D

Lily Panda
-For being a massive airhead with amazing sleep habits n the personality of "i have a great attention spa.... HEY LOOK A GOLDFISH"
-Always up for it

Joaine Norbertillon
-Sharp and funny, brings out a smile whenever she speaks her mind ;)
-Very timid, very quiet, wish she'd break out from her shell a little bit, but she's a great asset in runs.

Veridyssia Quo
-This guy consistently brings fun & banter to the FC, and he's been at it for years - thanks for always lightening the mood Veri!

Abyss Mirage
-For being a bit of an airhead with a contagious laugh

-dunno last name, but just another goofball

Sylente Demyse
-Brings the fun through chat or events! Great dedication to keep the spirits high!

Newcomer of the Month Nominations

Roof Pigeon
-Has been a constant positive presence since joining the free company.
-for being the funniest pigeon in the fc and teaching his warcry
-Has blended in very well, and is a fun addition to the crazy xD
-Being a pigeon is unique
-Since day of joining, this guy has brought heaps of fun to the FC, has been super helpful, and has settled into the guild like a duck to water - great guy, and great addition to the family!
-Lovely Guy

Thane Stormstride
-For being my reminder that no matter how strange I get, there's always a whole new level! Mutual MSQ suffering binds us \o/
-Not afraid to be himself in chat, makes chat more interesting, always has something to say
-Has settled very well in the FC
-Kind and helpfull

Lily Panda
-What can I say, our lala-panda with the weird sleep cycle brings boundless enthusiasm and joy to every venture \o3o/
-The cutest thing on chat.
-Adorable energetic (at the right hours) little cutie. With smiley/emojies to match

Ny' Shiroh
-Very active and well integrated in the FC
-So much comedy value.

Abyss Mirage
-Very keen on getting 80 asap. Has settled well in the FC
-She has been my other half as a sister to me.

Saha McDorf
-Has settled well in the FC, fun person to play with
-Integrated good in the fc

Wolendria Eldoren
-Nice lady, Fun to play with

Shiroe Yamaha
-Always welcoming ppl that get online. Has settled well in the FC

Alsanark Rose
-Know a lot about the firmamament and has integrated in the FC

Kazaori Ittetsu
-Joined Alith Cast, very positive member

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