Alith-Awards - July Winners & Nominations!

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Alith-Awards - July Winners & Nominations! #9464

Thanks to everyone who was able to join us for this months Alith-Awards ceremony, and congratulations to all our winners! Thanks everyone for voting, as without your nominations, this fun monthly event isn't possible. A massive thank you to all our members, whether you won an award this time or not, its our members that make Alith awesome, so we are appreciative of all of you! Below is the full list of winners , as well as the FULL list of nominations.

Remember, you can now nominate your fellow Alithians anytime, anyday, as the form is permanently open! You can nominate your fellow Alithians over at our new re-vamped nominations form:

You can also read all about our Alith Awards programme, over here:

Guild Champion Winner
Spicy Meatballs

Newcomer of the Month Winner
Josh Greene

Above & Beyond Winners
Spicy Meatballs
Aleina Keene
Ilya Meowromets
Alsanark Rose
Jallfy Jallford

Party Animal Winners
Spicy Meatballs
Curry Bun
Josh Greene
Shiroe Yamada
Freya Fluff

Senior Member Promotions
Aya Kitsaro
Aeron Ellsworth
Neru Heartilly
Geraint Ambrosia
Gon Freeces
Hujing Gu
Jally Jallford
Malice Avenir
Larky Littleleaf
Dreams Eater
Driel Tarrell
Allya Darlyre
Talica Amariel
Calemity Bittercress
Sophie Otoela
Mayen Valthek
Mira Kuru
Morgan Lily
Onyx Iriq
Piper Fleetfoot
Pirate Alex
Kahlyn Starstryder
Trish Unaa
Zaker Fierlaine
Angela Shedo

Full Nomination List + Commentary

Above & Beyond Nominations

Spicy Meatballs
Always happy to help out and lend a hand, postively the warmest meatball you will ever meat (get it, meat!)
Very supportive and a great moodmaker
Really funny, happy, helpful. Always engaging with people in the FC chat. A good laugh, doesn't seem to take things too seriously. Obsessed with beachwear!
In life there is too much Sour Lemons. and occasionally u need some Spicy Meatballs to mske everyday life more palette full
Loves to run stuff with others

Aleina Keene
Always happy to help out with runs.
The same as G'rahl, is a very helpful crafter! Also helped give ideas on how to furnish my fc apartment :D
Always there if we need a hand with anything :D willing to try out new things and awesome person!
While more subdued, very on point with both guild activities and interpersonal relations

Ilya Meowromets
Always ready to run dungeons
Always down for helping people with shiz \o/ bantmiester general
Helping out new and old members of the fc and generally cheerfull despite hes grumpy apparance

Alsanark Rose
"Becouse youre awesome! And a good frend!"
More of a daisy than rose but fun company on glamour grinds
One of those people who unfailing wants to help, no matter how moronic the person (me) may be playing

Jallfy Jallford
Definitely needs a nomination for always helping to keep our Chocos fed & healthy :)
Thanks for all the chocobo training, our big birds thank you.
Chocobo stable master! Thank you so much for training all our murder turkeys :)

Aya Kitsaro
"Steps up to help whenever she can. Goes out of her way and always gives it her all. Always answers questions when she can, and often joins in to help if someone needs help with anything."

Neru Heartilly
Great member, always helpful and excellent bants.
ALWAYS RUNNING! Helping new and old guildies alike! Great to see you back around the place \o/

Malice Avenir
In my case, Malice has helped me optimise my gear to help get into end game raiding!
Pretty cool guy, despite his joker tendencies being too consistent.

Curry Bun
Welcome back and let's partyyyy
Helping out members and even joins from other games to helpout :3

Aeron Ellsworth
For continuing to bring fun raid events for us all, we appreciate you!
For being the best teacher, raid leader and friend I could ever ask for 3

Josh Greene
Taking Muyuu Iris under his wing and showing them the ropes.
On it like a car bonnet anytime someone asks for help

Muyuu Iris
Always up for some roulettes

Shiroe Yamada
For always showing up when I need someone and making things fun

Panda Ronga

Belazarus Alith
Best guildmaster \o/

Marack Theoman
Is a maverick and major contribution to the guild.

Evan Aelsentis
For continuing to bring fun raid events for us all, we appreciate you!

G'rahl Aoraion
Incredibly friendly, and does not hesitate to help others in terms of supplying certain craftables!

Thane Stormstride
For always putting up with my shit and helping me out 3

Rudy George
Invited me to roulettes on my first night in the FC. Although he was not a very confident tank he did an awesome job.

Kim L'thariel
For always trying hard when I ask something of him

Alaenoor Shouna
Very kind person

Freya Fluff
Thank you for helping to maintain our beautiful estate! Fluffiest catgirl 3

Badgirly Ylrigdab
Force of nature. Attitude goals. :D

Kazaori Ittetsu
Always willing to help out fellow guildies in various ways, a great member of the family!

Party Animal Nominations

Spicy Meatballs
Always livens up the chat. Keeps it active and fun.
\o/ SPICAAAHHH 33 For the most enthusiastic welcome you'll ever get
Endless energy and fun, plus a filthy mind - whats not to like!
Incredibly fun roulette sessions when we queue, beachwear themed of course x)
Absolute life of the chat
Super awesome fun times with the Spicy one!
An absolute barrel of laughs. Day in and day out.
For keeping the guild both Spicy and Fashionable haha - she brings plenty of laughs & good vibes :)
Keeos the fc chat alive :)
always running roulettes! always asks if people wants to join. Always puts up with my complete inability to remember mechanics.

Curry Bun
U all know why shes nominated here x)
GUESS WHO'S BACK, BACK AGAIN. My favourite foodstuff and raider of the deepest canals
Hilariously degenerate.
So pleased Curry came back, she's always joining in the fun & jokes, and really helps brighten the mood in the guild!

Josh Greene
Keeps chat going, being helpful and cheerful.
TUNAGE, BANTS, SWIMWEAR - dude's got it all
Always see Josh chatting & joining in roulettes with everyone, fun guy!

Shiroe Yamada
For always making us laugh during treasure maps \o/
"...Well...Is himself. Dirty innuendo machine, blames innocent bystanders for this. (Also, is quite a good guy, brightens the mood and always has seems able to keep talking forever. NSFW."
Always a fun presence in voice chat!

Freya Fluff
She's such a cutey, and even though she can be shy sometimes hiding behind that tree, the guild just wouldn't be the same without her and she helps to make Alith a fun place to be :)
Posts such cute pictures on discord
Fun, helpful and keeps the laughs going. Helps out when she can.

Aya Kitsaro
Always in a good mood
"Is Aya. Brightens the mood and always makes everything fun. Cares about others and always helps out when she can."

Cadril Shadowblade
Helps out, keeps it fun and positive=)
One of the first people I knew in the fc, very chill and funny person!

Aleina Keene
For being so much fun during treasure maps and going along with our bullshit \o/
Kind and helpful. Adds fun and positive vibes.

Erysia Rhyn
Have had the chance to get to know Erysia, we relate alot to eachother and vibe together!

Muyuu Iris
Always posting funny things in discord and very active on in game chat.

Malice Avenir
Joins in for alot. Keeps things positive and tries to help out when he can.

best boobs and banter

Neru Heartilly
The best things come in short packages ;D always happy and keeps it weird \o/

Evan Aelsentis
For organising the weekly map events, which have been a blast!

Belazarus Alith
Dancing on fire.

Alsanark Rose
"Keeps things fun and positive. Usually by trolling and messing around. /votekick"

Jallfy Jailford
Feeds our chocobo's a lot

Ilya Meowremets
Always up for a group, and even willing to heal (grudgingly!). Knows the game well and gets on with it.

Newcomer of the Month Nominations

Josh Greene
Seems to have really embraced the FC and is very active
Very friendly and generally joins the chat
Really social both in game and on Discord
Fits in like he's always been here! What an amazing addition!
Great new addition to the FC, really fits in.
A very sociable and friendly person, who helps join people for queues, also has refreshing taste in music :D
Suits very well in this FC

Muyuu Iris
Nice social person
Signed up in the most random fashion (walked up during Funday Sunday and joined right in!), she's settled in immediately and already become one of the regular voices within the FC.
Muyuu has been quite passionate playing ffxiv ever since he first arrived, already hitting 50 in a week! It's great helping Muyuu out as well.
Crazy witch girl \o/ fits right in!
Adding to the buzz of the chat
Fits in this FC.

Marack Theoman
For always inviting us along to his endeavors.
absolute completionist, but keeps everyone involved as he does it. Willing to help out, mucks in on the FC events, always up for a chat.
Good adition to the FC
Marack has been going out of his way to help link hunts or find that blasted fox lady fate. Also extremely friendly :D
For all the alerts he adds to FC for hunts, fates and logs.

Mercer Talon
Lovely new FC member

Alaenoor Shouna
Nice that she is back in the FC

Mac Fishy
Mac Fishy

Amansa Daelin
Nice chatty person

Kittens McMittens
Integrated well in the FC and is always up for some fun

Panda Ronga
Hes been very helpfull =]

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