Experienced Raids - Launch!

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Experienced Raids - Launch! #2855
Greetings all fellow raiding Alithians!

It's with much excitement that we officially announce the launch of our Experienced Raids.
When we launched Alith Raiding, we laid out our plans for raiding in the FC, and started the program with our popular Learning Raids.
You can read the full Alith Raiding briefing here: alithffxiv.com/index.php/forum/important-announcements/631-alith-raiding-alith-academy

I speak for all the raid leaders and officers when I say we've thoroughly enjoyed the learning raids with you all, and they will certainly continue! It's been fantastic to get together with fellow Alithians, to learn, practice, and succeed in our learning raids - particularly in Deltascape Savage and the Primals. It's fair to say that we've made great progress, and although we are still growing as an FC, it's been awesome to see that we've still been able to get fully attended FC learning raids thus far.

We do recognise though, that we do have members in the FC who are passed the learning phase of many of the end-game raids, and are looking for that next challenge. Players who are already very confident with all the mechanics of certain raids, have already acquired high-end gear, and have mastered their class. Players who are looking to take on the tougher content of Final Fantasy XIV and are looking to clear the content with similarly experienced guild mates. It's super important to us, that we continue to look after our casual and learning raiders (and our Learning Raids aren't going anywhere!) but also equally important that our more experienced raiders in the FC, have content tailored for them. The last thing we want is for our Alithians to feel that they need to raid with other outside groups, or party finder, because Alith doesn't offer them what they need.

We've listened to your feedback, and with that we are very pleased to launch our Experienced Raids, which are specifically designed for that group of our community. This gives everyone a great path to follow, starting with our Learning Raids, and progressing onto our Experienced Raids. We will continue to post all of our events on our guild event calendar, so ANYONE who meets the necessary requirements, is welcomed to sign up to our new Experienced Raids (XP Raids).

With all of that said, here's another reminder of exactly what our XP raids are (taken from our official briefing):

Alith Experienced Raids

Alith Experienced Raids are designed for those members who are already familiar / experienced with the specified raid destination, have already geared up to a high level, have mastered your class, and are looking to start running the hardest raid dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV with fellow experienced Alithians who are already confidently clearing this content. As these will often be the hardest group content in the game, it's important that you're confident in the fight mechanics themselves, but also confident with your own character build and skills. The requirements to attend these events, will be set significantly higher than those of the "Learning Raids", as the goal here is to clear the content, with ease, and the possibility of multiple clears on the same event.

It is critical that as a group, we have sufficient DPS (damage per second) to defeat the bosses before the "enrage timers" kick in. It's all good if everyone has a decent item level and knows the mechanics of the fight, but if the group doesn't collectively have enough damage output, then the group is doomed to wipe. Therefore one of the requirements, for all raiders signing up (DPS, Tanks and Healers), is to confirm that you have successfully cleared the "Stone Sky Sea" DPS check for the raid you're signing up for. This is an instanced zone in the game, where you can put your DPS to the test, to ensure you have what's required. You can locate the NPC for this, just outside Rhalgars Reach (Battle-scarred Veteran). Do not worry if you aren't a DPS class, the "check" takes into account healer and tank classes, so you can still complete this check. Alternatively, if you know your DPS values (using ACT for example), you can just confirm that you meet the needed DPS numbers listed on the event. If you need help / assistance locating the NPC for Stone Sky Sea, or understanding how the DPS check works, please contact a raid leader who will gladly help!

If you are still learning some of the mechanics of this content, and are not quite confident in clearing this without assistance / guidance, then we'd highly recommend sticking with learning raids until you feel you've reached this stage. We recognise that we do have a group of players in our FC, who have already mastered some of the harder content of the game, and are tired of having to run this content with non FC players. Experienced Raids have been setup for those members in the FC, who want to enjoy fast clears, alongside fellow Alithians, while still retaining all our guild values - respect, courtesy, maturity, friendliness and focus on having fun!

Again, just like with the learning raids, we strongly encourage you to read all the details on each specific event post, to ensure you are well prepared & know what you're signing up for. We expect all attendees to respect & support the raid leaders, and avoid talking over them when they are issuing instructions, so that they can focus on leading the group in a friendly & organised way.

As a result of the launch of our XP raids, we have re-adjusted our Raiding Schedule to fit them in. This new schedule will take effect from week commencing 4th December 2017.

We're looking forward to watching all you fellow Alithians progress through the end game raiding content together, and hope to see all of you experienced raiders signing up to the events! As this is the first time we're going to be organising these XP raids, we will watch our progress closely, and based on how things go & feedback we receive, we will make any adjustments needed to make sure they work for you. Please understand that due to the nature of these raid events, the requirements to attend will differ from the learning raids (they will be much higher), if your'e not quite ready for the XP raids, do not be disheartened as we fully intend to continue running our learning raids - on the new slot of Thursdays.

Onwards and upwards Alithians - can't wait to see that first clear of Deltascape 4.0 Savage with a full Alithian raid group - it will happen!

Kind Regards
Your Alith Raid Leaders & Officers


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