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Guild Buffs - Schedule #430
Hi All

We're very pleased to share with you our official guild buff schedule. This is the schedule which we adhere to when implementing guild buffs within the game.

After taking on board member feedback and reviewing poll results, the majority preference of our members was for us to implement the permanent Combat XP buff and have an even split of Crafting and Gathering XP across the week.

We've also taken on board your feedback regarding having some flexibility with regards to buffs, particularly as we are certainly not lacking in credits to purchase buffs, and so with that in mind we have an addition to our guild rules which will cover our Guild Buff policy. We also appreciate that you all have different days in the week (and weekend) that you're able to play, and we want to ensure that everyone gets a chance to benefit from both the crafting AND the gathering buff, and therefore we have come up with an alternating two week schedule, which ensures there's always an opportunity for each of you, to enjoy one of those two buffs (along with the permanent XP buff).

Please see our official guild buff schedule below, we hope this will suit everyone, until we review this again in the future.
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Guild Buffs are applied based on the above schedule. Each week, the crafting / gathering xp day will switch places, while the combat xp buff will remain on permanent.

Add-Hoc Requests:
- Guild members are permitted to make an on the day, add-hoc request to change one of the running guild buffs to something different, for a temporary period of time.
- Requests should be made directly to a guild officer or leader, through whisper or discord message.
- The officer or guild leader, will then propose the change to everyone online at the time, and should there be no objections the buff will be changed accordingly.
- In the event that a member requests for the guild buffs to be changed back to the original schedule, this request will always take priority.
- Deviations from the schedule, will only happen (and remain active) while 100% of guild members online are happy with this.
- At the start of a new day, the guild buffs will return to the original schedule, until a new add-hoc request is made.

As time progresses and the guild grows & evolves, we will review the buff schedule again. In time things change, and as a community your priorities may change, so we will be open to re-visiting this again in the future.

Thanks again all for playing your part in this :)

Kind Regards
Bel & The Alith Officers

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