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Alith Member Awards! #1674

Greetings fellow Alithians!

We're very pleased to introduce you all to our official Alith Member Awards program.

We have so many wonderful and amazing members in our community, who do so much good for the guild and are always being helpful. This is our special way of recognising those members who help make our community the positive, friendly, helpful place that Alith is. We recognise that if it wasn't for the great people we have in our guild, Alith wouldn't be the friendly, fun place that it is. Put simply, without YOU guys and girls, there is no Alith. For us it's super important that we shout out and celebrate all those who have made a positive difference, be it big or small.

Every month, we carry out an Alith Awards ceremony, where we issue out special awards to all those individuals who have been noticed for making positive contributions to the guild.

While the Officer team will be collectively agreeing on some award winners, the members themselves will also have the ability to nominate and put forward fellow members who they want to recognise with an award. This is a great way of thanking those who make Alith a great place to be, and we want to shout about it. The challenge is always trying to remember everyone who's done something special without leaving anyone out, there are always so many!

Member Awards Types:

Guild Champion
The "Guild Champion" award is awarded to just ONE special member each month, who has really stood out as being a brilliant and outstanding member of the community, who has made a huge positive difference to the guild. This award is decided and awarded by the entire guild management team, but we will also take members nominations into consideration when deciding the winner for this award. This is the "King" of all Alith Awards and is given to one person each month who has really stood out amongst the community.

Above & Beyond
The "Above & Beyond" award is awarded to all those members who have gone out of their way to help make Alith a positive and fun place to be. This award is awarded by both the members and officers, to anyone who has been recognised for making a positive difference in the guild, whether that be a small or big thing. This could be for anything from being generally helpful, sharing useful info or any other small acts of kindness. Members are able to send us their nominations for winners of this award anytime, though the award ceremony happens once every month where all winners are revealed. The 5 members who receive the most nominations, will win the award!

Party Animal
The "Party Animal" award is awarded to those members who never take themselves too seriously, and can often be found injecting positive & fun energy into the community. This award for our "party animals" who can always be seen having a laugh, goofing around, and making others laugh with them! Think of our Party Animals as the "Morale Boosting" members or our community, who really make Alith a FUN place to be! Members are able to send us their nominations for winners of this award anytime, though the award ceremony happens once every month where all winners are revealed. The 5 members who receive the most nominations, will win the award!

Newcomer of the Month
Every month we will recognise one special newcomer to the FC, with the Newcomer of the Month award. This will be for one new member who has really settled into the community brilliantly, and has already made a positive impact! This is a way to say thank you for choosing Alith, and for making a great first impression on the community! All members can nominate any newcomers for this award.

Can't Stop Running
This special award is to recognise those members who are known for regularly helping other members with dungeon / raid / trial runs within Final Fantasy XIV. Those who are often seen going out of their way to offer up their time, to help others in the FC complete their runs! There is no cap as to how many can win this award, but it is issued to those who have significantly stood out as constantly helping others with their runs! Again all members and officers may nominate others for this award.

Special Thanks
This is a special thanks award, created by the Officer team, to recognise individuals for specific kind deeds / acts. This award will be given out by the officers, on special occasions to recognise those who have done something really special / awesome for the community. A way of us making sure we don't miss anyone out who has really contributed to the FC, in a special way! There is no cap as to how many of these awards will be issued each month.

Senior Member
The "Senior Member" award is automatically awarded to all those members upon their promotion to Senior Member rank. Members automatically become Senior Members once they reach their 6 month anniversary in Alith. This award is to thank those members for their long term commitment & loyalty to the FC. Senior Members receive this award, as well as a new forum and in-game rank title!

Recruitment Champion
The "Recruitment Champion" award is awarded to those members who have been promoted to Recruitment Champion rank, to thank them for their efforts and dedication to helping us build our community. This award is automatically granted at the point a member joins the recruitment team.

Raid Leader
The "Raid Leader" award is awarded to those members who have been promoted to Raid Leader rank, to thank them for their dedication and efforts in leading our fun & exciting guild raids. This award is automatically granted at the point a member joins the Raid Leader team.

Shiny Medals!

All award winners are assigned a cool shiny medal for every award that they receive!

You can view a full list of all the awards, and previous award winners (along with reasons) on the main Award Winners page. You can access this page from the main menu here:

This will take you to the Award Winners Page:

Clicking on the award category (number) will take you to a list of all the winners for that particular award:

Members can view their earned medals on their member profile. This means you can show off all your shiny medals to anyone who visits your profile:

Awards means Points, Points means Prizes!

Each time you are recognised with an Alith Award or Senior Member Promotion, you will also be awarded "Award Points". You can view your total earned award points in your forum profile page, and it will also appear underneath your avatar on your forum posts (see screenies below). The more awards you earn, the more points you're given. You will be able to SPEND your Award Points anytime you like, on a range of prizes available to you via an Officer. Want to hoard up your points? Wanna spend them ASAP? The choice is yours!

Points Earned:
Guild champion = 30 pts
Senior member = 20 pts
All other awards = 10 pts

Points Displayed:

On Your Profile:

Spending your points is simple & easy. Simply contact any Alith Officer, let them know which prize you would like, and they will arrange to give you your prize and update your points right away. At this time, the prizes available are various amounts of in game gil (so you can then buy whatever you want!) however more prizes may be added to the prize catalogue in time, so keep your eyes peeled.

Spending Points on Prizes:
1 million gil - 120 points.
500k gil - 70 points.
250k gil - 40 points.

Please be aware that members leaving Alith will automatically lose their reward points and their right to claim against them once left. Any returning member will do so with their points tally returned to zero. Members will also lose their earned medals and senior member status.

Member Awards Discord Integration

We also have a Discord channel dedicated to Alith Awards. We use this channel for all award announcements, as well as showcasing our recent list of award winners and senior member promotions.

In addition to that, all current month Award Winners will be granted a new shiny Discord colour & rank - enabling us to see our winners visibly and celebrate their recognition! Of course, for anyone who would prefer not to have the spotlight, just let an officer know and we can leave your discord colour & rank as normal if you prefer.

This is just the start, and as we continue to look into more features Discord can offer us, we will continue to integrate our awards program into Discord.

Alith Awards on Event Calendar

We want to make sure that Alith Awards happens regularly, and that our members can be confident in looking forward to the celebrations every month. In order to make this seamless and reliable, we include all Alith Award events onto our Events Calendar on our homepage. This includes when nominations are open for our monthly awards, as well as when the actual ceremony is taking place.

Don't forget that we also make use of our Discord channel to announce when nominations are open, and when the ceremony is taking place too! We are committed to making sure that our community can look forward to Alith Awards every month, and with this increased visibility we hope it will be even easier to keep track as well as encourage more members to participate! We can use ALL your help in spreading the word, so that we get maximum participation and plenty of nominations every month, we certainly aren't lacking in outstanding candidates to win awards!

Guild Champion Rewards

Every month, 1 special member is awarded the crown award of "Guild Champion". Along with the points earned, every guild champion will also have the opportunity to choose one of the following prizes of their choice:

The casting vote for next months Guild Champion from the officers shortlist AND one of the following:

-Exclusive use of an FC Airship or Submarine for the month
-Exclusive use of all 3 FC Gardens for 1 week
-1 Mog station Emote of your choice
-1 Mog station Minion of your choice
-1 Mogstation Phial of Fantasia
-1 Mogstation 10 pack of Dyes
-1 Mogstation Chocobo Barding of your choice
-1 Mogstation Retainer Fast Leveller to 60

We will continue to think about other new innovative perks we could offer our Guild Champions in the future!

For us, this is so important, because we owe our success to our members. We love celebrating the fantastic community we have here, and want to say Thank You to all of you for the small and big things that you bring to Alith.

We open up nominations for you to put forward the names of people you would like to recognise every month. As a reminder, you are able to nominate winners for the Above & Beyond, Party Animal, Newcomer of the Month and Can't Stop Running awards. Officers aren't eligible for member awards, but you're welcome to leave a message for any of the team!

Feel free to get in touch with any of the officer team if you have any questions about how the awards program works.

Kind Regards
Belazarus & Your Alith Officers

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