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Hi All

This post is to prevent any confusion, and to help you all understand how time is measured & displayed on the guild website & guild calendar.

Being that we are a mainly European Guild, with the majority of our members residing in EU countries, we will always measure time in CET (Central European Time).
During the summer, this of course changes to CEST (Central European Summer Time) which is in effect one hour later.

The clock located on our homepage displays the current time in CET (or CEST during summer) - so you can never be in any doubt regarding the time in the guild.
All official events posted on the event calendar, will also be scheduled to CET time (or CEST during summer).

For you UK members, this means that if an event is posted for 7pm start, that's 6pm for you. (UK is always one hour behind CET/CEST).
It's important that our events are scheduled using the same timezone as everything else in the guild. This is why our homepage clock intentionally does not display local time by user.

Our event calendar cannot be customised to display events based on users local time, so to avoid any confusion, EVERYTHING is based on CET / CEST time. We do not want a situation where the guild clock is in local user time, but events are being displayed in CET time.

Therefore we encourage all members to post your events on our calendar, using CET time (CEST during summer), and to stipulate on your event clearly if you're intending on using a time other than CET/CEST.

We hope this clarifies things for you all :)

Kind Regards
Belazarus & The Alith Officers

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