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Alith Raiding

Welcome to Alith Raiding!

Here in Alith, we are proud that we are able to offer all our members a wide variety of Raid Events for you to attend & enjoy with your fellow Alithians! This is thanks to our amazing & supportive Raid Leader team, who work closely with the Officer team, to make these fun experiences happen. Here in Alith you can enjoy a variety of Final Fantasy XIV raiding content, regardless of your level of experience.

Whether you have just started dipping your toe into the waters of the PvE Raids of FFXIV, and need a supportive learning environment, are close to completing a raid with a good appreciation of the mechanics, just desperate for that elusive clear, or have mastered the hardest content of the game and are looking for other veterans to tackle these challenges with, there is something for you here in Alith. Our goal is to have "something for everyone" and to cater for all our members needs & desires, regardless of experience or skill level.

Our raids are led by our guild Raid Leaders, who do a great job at ensuring that these are relaxed, friendly, fun, pressure-free experiences, just as you'd expect from an Alith event! Our values of being a mature, respectful and supportive Free Company certainly run through all our events that we organise.

Our Raid Leaders are experienced and confident with the wide range of FFXIV raid instances, and are there to share their knowledge and experience with all fellow FC members. Not only do they help in organising and running our raid events, but they are also a fountain of knowledge - offering useful guides, sharing helpful tips and tricks, and pointing our learners to a variety of useful sites / videos while keeping the experience fun & light hearted at all times.

"So, how do I attend an Alith Raid?"

Easy! All of our official Free Company raid events are posted on our Event Calendar, which you can find on the homepage of our website. Every event will have a detailed description of what you can expect from the raid, as well as any requirements and recommendations to help you get prepared. Some events will ask you to specify your role (Tank / DPS / Healer for example), or average item level, based on the requirements of the content, while other events are simply an open invitation.

If you do sign up to an event, the raid group is relying on you to turn up on time, so please ensure that you can commit to the time specified on the event, and have the time available to remain for the whole event. Please don't leave during the raid expecting to come back at a later time as it's not fair to keep 7 other fellow FC raiders waiting. If all the slots are taken up on an event you really want to attend, you can often sign up as a "Reserve" - this means if somebody isn't able to make the event, you may still get the opportunity to attend. In these cases, the Raid Leader will contact you in game, to invite you into the raid group, at the start of the event. Have fun, don't be afraid to ask questions, and have a blast!

Here in Alith, there is something for everyone, so here is a short summary of the various types of Raids available to enjoy:

Alith Academy Learning Raids
For those who are still learning the basics of the FFXIV raids and looking for a casual, patient, supportive group to learn the content together with while having fun!

Alith Completion Raids
For people that are familiar with all of the mechanics, just need practice in order to clear, or for those already used to clearing the raid and looking for a regular FC group to run the content with.

Alith Academy Learning Raids

Alith Academy Learning Raids are a program specifically designed to help our members learn the ropes of Final Fantasy XIV raids / trials, without the fear of messing up, or the confusion of not knowing the tactics. Our Officers and PvE Raid Leaders work as a team to schedule, organise and host regular "Learning Raids" that everyone is welcome to sign up for, regardless of your experience.

These are guaranteed to be casual events, with an emphasis on "Learning" while having fun. All members of all experiences are welcomed to attend these raids. Our Raid Leaders will ensure that these are relaxed, casual, fun, pressure-free raids with focus on teaching members the mechanics & tactics of each of the fights. These raids are ideal for those who are either new to the FFXIV raid, or still working on becoming confident with them. Members are free & welcome to attend as many of these raids as they like, so they can continue to grow in confidence & experience in their own time.

Occasionally, and so as to avoid the distress of unnecessary suicide runs, there may be some basic minimum requirements to attend each event (based on the difficulty of the content). These will be clearly shown in the calendar event where necessary.

This is a Learning run, so our Raid Leaders will take the time to explain the boss tactics before each fight. This will include the boss mechanics and various instructions for a successful fight. During this, feel free to ask questions to better understand the fight. We also ask that you don't rush through the raid - follow the Raid Leaders instructions and allow them the time needed to explain the tactics prior to each fight, until everyone is ready. Expect plenty of wipes, remember that mistakes will happen, this is all about having fun without making anyone feel bad or pressured while we learn. Everyone learns at a different pace, and that's okay :)

Please take the time to read all the details on the event description (on the calendar) before signing up, as this will give you all the tips / guidance you need to prepare yourself for the raid. This will include useful things to bring along, an idea of the difficulty of the content, and will point you in the direction of some useful video (or written) guides to help you be as ready as you can for the event!

Above all, these raid events will be relaxed, friendly, supportive and FUN! So don't be shy, and sign up to start enjoying FFXIV group content with your fellow Alithians. Although these are learning raids, we would also welcome more experienced players to join too (having a few experienced people in the group too, can often help the group's chances of success!)

Alith Completion Raids

Alith completion raids are designed for those members who are already familiar / experienced with the specified raid mechanics, have already geared up to a high level, have mastered your class, and are looking to start running the hardest raid dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV with fellow experienced Alithians who are already confident at clearing this content. As these will often be the hardest group content in the game, it's important that you're confident in the fight mechanics themselves, but also confident with your own character build and skills. The requirements to attend these events, will be set significantly higher than those of the "Learning Raids", as the goal here is to clear the content, and the possibility of multiple clears on the same event.

It is important that as a group, we have sufficient DPS (damage per second) to defeat the bosses before the "enrage timers" kick in. It's all good if everyone has a decent item level and know the mechanics of the fight, but if the group doesn't collectively have enough damage output, then the group is doomed to wipe. Therefore one of the requirements, for all raiders signing up (DPS, Tanks and Healers), is to confirm that you have successfully cleared the "Stone Sky Sea" DPS check for the raid you're signing up for. This is an instanced zone in the game, where you can put your DPS to the test, to ensure you have what's required. You can locate the NPC for this, just outside Rhalgars Reach (Battle-scarred Veteran). Do not worry if you aren't a DPS class, the "check" takes into account healer and tank classes, so you can still complete this check. Alternatively, if you know your DPS values (using ACT for example), you can just confirm that you meet the needed DPS numbers listed on the event. If you need help / assistance locating the NPC for Stone Sky Sea, or understanding how the DPS check works, please contact a raid leader who will gladly help!

If you are still learning some of the mechanics of this content, and are not quite confident in clearing this without assistance / guidance, then we'd highly recommend sticking with learning raids until you feel you've reached this stage. We recognise that we do have a group of players in our FC, who have already mastered some of the harder content of the game, and are tired of having to run this content with non FC players. Completion raids have been setup for those members in the FC, who want to enjoy clears, alongside fellow Alithians, while still retaining all our guild values - respect, courtesy, maturity, friendliness and focus on having fun!

Again, just like with the learning raids, we strongly encourage you to read all the details on each specific event post, to ensure you are well prepared & know what you're signing up for. We expect all attendees to respect & support the raid leaders, and avoid talking over them when they are issuing instructions, so that they can focus on leading the group in a friendly & organised way.

The Future of Alith Raiding

We are super excited to see as many of you as possible joining us for our regular fun Raid Events. Having taken your feedback, The Raid Leader & Officer Team have put together a schedule of raid events for you to look forward to & enjoy. As time goes on, new content gets released, and the community progresses, we will continue to listen to your feedback. We will regularly review our schedule, raid choices and frequency of events, and make whatever adjustments we need to, to make sure our events continue to meet YOUR needs & wishes. We recognise that the desires of our community can & will change over time, and we will continue to evolve & adapt as needed. Any changes to our raiding, we will always communicate with you via our Raid Forum section here on our website, so keep your eyes peeled for updates & news.

We have no doubt that as we continue to grow, we will likely introduce NEW types of raid events, and we're always open to suggestions & ideas. Below is our current raiding schedule, which we've developed based on our communities most recent feedback as well as our Raid Leaders availability. Again, please ensure that you keep your eye on our Event Calendar on our Homepage, as this is the ONLY way you can sign up to attend our raid events. If you want to guarantee your spot at an Alith Raid, make sure you sign up on the calendar!

Alith Raid Schedule:

The above is our current raid schedule, however we will continue to introduce new raids, to different content, as we continue to grow & we gather YOUR feedback & wishes.

We want to give a big thank you to our awesome Raid Leader team, who dedicate their precious gaming time to help us bring these events to our community. Let's always ensure to show them due support & cooperation.
If you have any questions regarding our raiding, please don't hesitate to contact one of our Raid Leaders or Officers (in Discord, in game or through a PM on our website).

Raid Leaders:
Disdemona Morningstar
Evangelique Rosebelt

So what are you waiting for, head over to the Event Calendar and sign up to a raid now!
Help us to spread the word, and let as many Alithians (and non Alithians) know about our fun & exciting FC Raids! We can't wait to see you all there.

Kind Regards
Your Alith Officers & Raid Leaders


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