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Alith on Discord #10
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Alith on Discord

Howdy everyone!

Alith are on Discord! We'd like to invite all Alith members to join us on Discord so you can enjoy voice chatting and text chatting with your fellow guild mates.

Discord is a social communication tool which gives gaming communities the ability to chat in voice and text, share pictures, videos, website links, and such, in real time (outside of the game). Discord is primarily a PC / Mac desktop application, but also has a mobile device version and browser based version as well. Discord allows guild members to keep in touch with their fellow guildies and friends, even when not online in the game (through chat rooms and a friends list). We encourage all Alithians to join the Alith Server, and we welcome everyone to join in the chit chat in the communal channels that we've setup for your benefit.

Discord has grown a lot since it's launch, new features continue to be added, and it really is a social platform designed FOR gaming communities. It comes with plenty of features which makes it the perfect tool for our members to stay in touch with each other, and socialise, when not in the game:

- A central place for members to chat and communicate with each other in real time when not in game

- A way for guild members to stay in contact with close friends (Discord supports friends lists)

- An easy way for guild members to share images, videos, and other attachments instantly without needing to make forum posts

- An easy way for members to contact Officers, Raid Leaders, etc, particularly when they're not online in game!

- Another way for Raid Leaders and Officers to send out important urgent announcements (in addition to Forum, Facebook and Twitter)

- As Discord also has an official Mobile Device App (Android and Iphone) - it means you can even ping messages to anyone in the guild, when away from home

- Various Chat channels for you all to enjoy , in both voice and text

- Make your own chat rooms (just like parties in game)

- Discord will also show you which Alithians are currently streaming on Twtich, or what game they're playing - so you'll know exactly when Alith-Cast goes live :)

- Other new and exciting features in development, such as video chat support and screen sharing (though this is probably some time away)

Our guild rules around respect, courtesy and general politeness (which also apply to Facebook, Forum and in game) apply to Discord - so we expect the same standards and behaviour there. Please head to our guild rules page to read more on Discord rules.

So where do I get Discord from?

You can download the Discord app for your Desktop PC or Mac from there website here:
You can also download the Android or Iphone app for Discord from the App Store - just search for "Discord App"

Installing and setting up Discord is super easy - here is a guide to help you get started:
This guide is fairly old, so it does not include some of the newer features that Discord now has, however it will at least show you the basics of joining and setting up Discord to get you started.

This guide is a bit more up to date and includes some of the newer features of Discord.

So how do I join the Alith Server?

You can join the Alith Discord server RIGHT NOW just by clicking the Join Discord link on the member thread:
  • Once you have clicked the link above, you will automatically join the Alith Discord Server.
  • If you have the app already installed, it will automatically open.
  • If you do NOT have the app installed yet, your browser will open and you will be able to use the Web Based version of Discord.
Before you can access the Discord chat rooms, and start chatting, you will need to wait for an Alith Officer to activate your Discord rank.
We check for new joiners regularly, so you won't have to wait long. Feel free to contact an officer if you need any help or want to check your status.

Once activated, you will see the chat rooms appear, then you're good to go!

Still need help with Discord?

As well as our Officer team, we also have several experienced Discord users in our community. Please feel free to contact any of the officers, in game, through website private message, or Discord private message, if you need assistance.

We have a Discord Help Forum Thread (click here) which we welcome you all to post your questions and queries around the setting up and usage of Discord.

We also have a dedicated "Discord Help" chat channel in Discord, where we welcome you to ask anything and everything about Discord. Our helpful community will be there to help instantly.

Finally, you are of course also welcome to contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We hope you all enjoy this fantastic service which we're happy to be able to offer to you all.
Now you can socialise and stay in touch with your fellow Alithians, all the time, even when you're not in game.

So what are you waiting for - join us on Discord now. Happy chatting everyone!

Kind Regards
Bel & The Alith Officers

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