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Poetics #3371
Hey Guys,

If you're completely max'd out and have no idea what to spend your poetics on, how about donating Grade 3 Shroud or Thanalan topsoil to help enhance the FC's growing yield.

Go to Idlyshire, visit Hismena, select "special arms and buy Unidentifiable Ore or Unidentifiable Shell. Shell exchanges for Shroud topsoil and Ore for Thanalan. Once the unidentifiables are purchased go right to Bertana, select Uncanny Knickknacks and trade the unidentifiables for topsoils. We don't need La Noscean topsoil btw.

Please mail to an officer rather than placing in the company chest.

Help is not obligatory but very much appreciated if you have nothing else to do with your poetics.

Many thanks


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