Hello Alith, my old friend

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Hello Alith, my old friend #7398
It's been a while, but I guess I'm back.

Xaert's the name, but anything that starts with an X and has a preponderance of ae's in them could be me, really. Who knows, right?

I've had a fondness for the MMO genre ever since I got lost in Lineage 2 for a few months during the summer before I went to college. And I'd been going back to it from time to time, until I ran into a gem called TERA, and with it Alith. That lasted for about a year. After hitting the end of TERA and Alith moving to ESO, I went along for a bit, but ESO never quite captured me like TERA had.

Fast forward a few years, and I've started playing games less and less, and now focus as much on my job as a teacher of game programming, as I do on my band and my new sport of snooker. Games are a far smaller part of my habits than they once were, so when I recently rewatched the first anime I ever watched (.hack//sign), I wondered... what about this am I missing?

A place much akin to what I remember Alith being, it seemed. So here I am. Back in the fray to give it another shot, for very different reasons, and probably with very differing results. Who knows, right?

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3 months 3 weeks ago
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Hello Alith, my old friend #7400
Great to see you back in Alith Xaert.

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