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Tuesday 16 January 2018, 08:30pm - 10:30pm
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Omega: Deltascape V1.0 - V2.0 (Savage) Experienced Raid


Alith Experienced Raids are designed for those members who are already familiar / experienced with the specified raid destination, have already geared up to a high level, have mastered your class, and are looking to start running the hardest raid dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV with fellow experienced Alithians who are already confidently clearing this content. As these will often be the hardest group content in the game, it's important that you're confident in the fight mechanics themselves, but also confident with your own character build and skills. The requirements to attend these events, will be set significantly higher than those of the "Learning Raids", as the goal here is to clear the content, with ease, and the possibility of multiple clears on the same event.

If you are still learning some of the mechanics of this content, and are not quite confident in clearing this without assistance / guidance, then we'd highly recommend sticking with learning raids until you feel you've reached this stage. We recognise that we do have a group of players in our FC, who have already mastered some of the harder content of the game, and are tired of having to run this content with non FC players. Experienced Raids have been setup for those members in the FC, who want to enjoy fast clears, alongside fellow Alithians, while still retaining all our guild values - respect, courtesy, maturity, friendliness and focus on having fun!

Again, just like with the learning raids, we strongly encourage you to read all the details on each specific event post, to ensure you are well prepared & know what you're signing up for. We expect all attendees to respect & support the raid leaders, and avoid talking over them when they are issuing instructions, so that they can focus on leading the group in a friendly & organised way.



As this is an Experienced Raid, there is an expectation that you are already 100% confident with the mechanics / strategy of this content.
You should be able to complete this content, without the need for instructions or guidance, and should have already completed this content in the passed.

The goal of this raid, is to clear the content easily, with potential multiple clears (if desired by the group on the day)

Average Item Level:
320  (V1.0 - V2.0)   

DPS Requirement:

A requirement for all raiders signing up (Healers DPS AND Tanks), is to confirm that you have successfully cleared the "Stone Sky Sea" DPS check for the raid you're signing up for. This is an instanced zone in the game, where you can put your DPS to the test, to ensure you have what's required. You can locate the NPC for this, just outside Rhalgars Reach (Battle-scarred Veteran). Do not worry if you aren't a DPS class, the "check" takes into account healer and tank classes, so you can still complete this check.

Alternatively, if you know your DPS values (using ACT for example), you can just confirm that you meet these DPS numbers:
Tank: 2400
Healer: 2000
DPS: 3700
BRD/MCH: 3400

If you need help / assistance locating the NPC for Stone Sky Sea, or understanding how the DPS check works, please contact a raid leader who will gladly help!



Please make sure you have Discord installed and set up prior to the run. Let the raid leader or an officer know if you still need to be approved for the Alith Discord server. We require you to install it even if you don't have a microphone, just being able to hear instructions is a great help and very important. If you for some reason cannot use Discord or have difficulties with hearing instructions, let us know before the event so we can consider other arrangements.
During the raid we would kindly request that we maintain Discord silence during the time the Raid Leader is issuing commands & coordinating. It's a challenging role for our raid leaders to lead, co-ordinate, and give instructions for a large person group, and impossible for them if everyone is talking over each other - so please show due respect and patience.



Even though this is an Experienced Raid event, we still expect everyone to be respectful, courteous and supportive of one another. That means no raging, flaming or being rude towards another member.
Please notice the end time to the event: If the run isn't completed by that time, the run could be terminated. Please, do not be disheartened. Of course, you are more than welcome to sign up for the next available run!
Upon completion of the content, the group can decide if you wish to move onto the next tier of raiding content, repeat the same content, or call the end of the raid.


How to sign up:

All members who wish to join, should sign up on the calendar and remember to state your role and average gear item level.  (contact a raid leader / officer if you need help locating this).

If the event has reached maximum capacity - you can sometimes sign up as a reserve and may be invited to join if spaces become available. If there are enough reserves for an additional raid then a second group may be set up depending on Raid Leader availability.

Please aim to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time since that designates the time we actually start the run. Invites for the group go out 15 minutes before the start and if you are not there by that time, you may risk being replaced. We can't hold up other members as a result of 1 member running late.

In the event we do not get full attendance, we will aim to NOT cancel the raid.  Instead we will attempt to fill the empty slots with Alith members who are online in game, and as a last resort, consider non FC players (provided the group are happy to do this).

Note that all calendar times are in CET (Central European Time).
We're looking forward to seeing you all at the run!



Alith Raid Leaders & Officers.




Location Cerberus
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Tick.png'30-12-2017 20:03'
Sam Bravado
Tick.png'09-01-2018 21:29'Melee DPSReserve Tank340/325Confirmedcan tank/healSam Bravado
Tick.png'15-01-2018 23:51'Ranged DPSNon Reserve336ConfirmedNalroz Morningstar
Tick.png'16-01-2018 12:08'HealerNon Reserve330ConfirmedRaid LeaderDisdemona Morningstar
Ketu Mora
Tick.png'16-01-2018 14:24'What role will you play?Reserve Ranged DPS331ConfirmedKetu Mora
Eir Felstyr
Tick.png'16-01-2018 16:09'Melee DPSNon Reserve327ConfirmedEir Felstyr
Attendee (6/8)Attendance StatusRegistration TimeRolesReserveItem LevelI confirm that I have cleared Notes or Alternative RolesCharacter Name