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Timed for Action!
From Saturday 03 February 2018
To Sunday 18 February 2018
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Contact Nalroz Morningstar

So do you think you have what it takes, fancy yourself as a bit of a dungeon maestro, have that competitive edge to claim the FC bragging rights, then this is the time to prove it. Get your tanking gear oiled, healer staffs polished and weapons charged to max power, 'cause its "Timed for Action"


1. Alith members form up in teams of 3.
2. Team name is allocated and given to Nalroz (or any officer) for official entry.
3. Teams must comprise of a tank, a healer and a DPS
4. In your fixed team, you will run Sastasha, Tam-Tara Deepcroft and Copperbell Mines (normal modes).
5. Objective: To clear all bosses of all three dungeons in the fastest possible time.
6. The aggregate time of all 3 clears will be counted and the lowest aggregate time wins.
7. Dungeons do not have to be run in a particular order, or all at once
8. The 4th party spot will comprise of Nalroz, or any available participating officer, who will not contribute to the run with damage but will be there solely to keep time and penalty points
9. Any death incurs a 15 second penalty (officers excluded).
10. Each team may make a maximum of 2 complete run sets.
11. Players may participate in as many teams as they like (no restrictions apply, other than at least 1 party member must be different and a different team name given).
.12. Once a team name has been nominated with 3 members, that team is fixed and attempts will only count for that team with those 3 nominated members.
13. Potions, meals and drinks (or any non job skill buffs) are not allowed.
14. Results will be posted on the Alith Forum, in the form of a team ladder, lowest time (1st position) at the top.
15. Prizes will be awarded as follows: 1st - 6 million gil (2 million per participant), 2nd - 3 million gil, (1 million per participant) and 3rd - 1.5 million gil (500K per participant).
16. Event will run from Saturday 3rd February to Sunday 18th February (being the closing date).
17. All timed runs will be synced via duty finder.
18. A team's entry will not be considered complete and valid until at least 1 timed run for each of the three dungeons have been completed.

Link to League Table to follow

So get your teams together, submit to Nalroz, grab him in-game to referee the runs and get dungeoning :) Other officers are more than happy to help where available
Location Cerberus