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Omega: Sigmascape 3.0 (SAVAGE) - Learning Raid
Wednesday 25 April 2018, 08:30pm - 10:30pm
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Omega: Sigmascape V3.0 (Savage) Learning Raid


Alith Academy Learning Raids are a program specifically designed to help our members learn the ropes of Final Fantasy XIV raids / trials, without the fear of messing up, or the confusion of not knowing the tactics. Our Officers and PvE Raid Leaders work as a team to schedule, organise and host regular "Learning Raids" that everyone is welcome to sign up for, regardless of your experience.

hese are guaranteed to be casual events, with an emphasis on "Learning" while having fun. All members of all experiences are welcomed to attend these raids. Our Raid Leaders will ensure that these are relaxed, casual, fun, pressure-free raids with focus on teaching members the mechanics & tactics of each of the fights. These raids are ideal for those who are either new to the FFXIV raid, or still working on becoming confident with them. Members are free & welcome to attend as many of these raids as they like, so they can continue to grow in confidence & experience in their own time.

Occasionally, and so as to avoid the distress of unnecessary suicide runs, there may be some basic minimum requirements to attend each event (based on the difficulty of the content). These will be clearly shown in the calendar event where necessary.

This is a Learning run, so our Raid Leaders will take the time to explain the boss tactics before each fight. This will include the boss mechanics and various instructions for a successful fight. During this, feel free to ask questions to better understand the fight. We also ask that you don't rush through the raid - follow the Raid Leaders instructions and allow them the time needed to explain the tactics prior to each fight, until everyone is ready. Expect plenty of wipes, remember that mistakes will happen, this is all about having fun without making anyone feel bad or pressured while we learn. Everyone learns at a different pace, and that's okay :)



Omega Savage raids can be quite challenging, so the below minimum requirements are truly necessary before attempting this content.

Please understand that there is no guarantee how far the raid group will make it, as this is a learning group. 

Average Item Level:  350
To better prepare you for your run, we request that you watch a video guide to each of the fights.  They will help you familiarise yourself with the mechanics before hand. We will of course also go through step by step tactics during the run too.

First Timers AND casual raiders are welcomed to join.


Sigmascape V1.0 and V2.0 not completed?

If you have not yet completed Sigmascape V1.0 and V2.0, normally you cannot enter Sigma V3.0.  However as this is a pre-made party, you WILL be able to enter.  Please be aware however, that by entering Sigmascape V3.0, when you have NOT yet completed 1 and 2 for the week, you will automatically forfeit your loot allowance for those first two instances.  By signing up to this raid, you agree and understand this.



Please make sure you have Discord installed and set up prior to the run. Let the raid leader or an officer know if you still need to be approved for the Alith Discord server. We require you to install it even if you don't have a microphone, just being able to hear instructions is a great help and very important. If you for some reason cannot use Discord or have difficulties with hearing instructions, let us know before the event so we can consider other arrangements.
During the raid we would kindly request that we maintain Discord silence during the time the Raid Leader is issuing commands & coordinating. It's a challenging role for our raid leaders to lead, co-ordinate, and give instructions for a large person group, and impossible for them if everyone is talking over each other - so please show due respect and patience.


Raids can be a challenging experience and you should be prepared for some deaths. In case of death we would require for you to please remain patient, understanding, supportive and to not put unnecessary pressure on other group members. We raid leaders/officers will of course do the same.
We cannot guarantee that the run will be successful so, we'd ask that you come along with a relaxed, casual attitude, and appreciate the fact that some runs will be successful, and some won't. Some members will be more experienced than others, and we don't want anyone to be made to feel like they're "not good enough". The key is for us to have fun, and not take the whole thing too seriously, so no raging please. Please notice the end time to the event: If the run isn't completed by that time, the run could be terminated. Please, do not be disheartened. Of course, you are more than welcome to sign up for the next available run!


How to sign up:

All members who wish to join, should sign up on the calendar and remember to state your role and average gear item level.  (contact a raid leader / officer if you need help locating this).

If the event has reached maximum capacity - you can sometimes sign up as a reserve and may be invited to join if spaces become available. If there are enough reserves for an additional raid then a second group may be set up depending on Raid Leader availability.

Please aim to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time since that designates the time we actually start the run. Invites for the group go out 15 minutes before the start and if you are not there by that time, you may risk being replaced. We can't hold up other members as a result of 1 member running late.

In the event we do not get full attendance, we will aim to NOT cancel the raid.  Instead we will attempt to fill the empty slots with Alith members who are online in game, and as a last resort, consider non FC players (provided the group are happy to do this).

Note that all calendar times are in CET (Central European Time).
We're looking forward to seeing you all at the run!



Alith Raid Leaders & Officers.




Location Cerberus
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