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Older Raid Content - Mounts & Minions Farming
Sunday 09 December 2018, 07:30pm - 09:30pm
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Older Raid Content - Mounts & Minions Farming


Note that all calendar times are in CET (Central European Time).

Raid Leader in attendance: Tekno.

The ultimate goal here is to clear the content multiple times for the purpose of obtaining various mounts/minions/other rewards.
The raid leaders may decide to enter the raid dungeon unsynced, to improve the chances for the group to clear the content.
In the event we do not get full attendance, we will aim to NOT cancel the raid. Instead, we will attempt to fill the empty slots with Alith members who are online in the game, and as a last resort, consider non-FC players (provided the group are happy to do this).

Rules and Requirements: 

  • Please aim to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time, to ensure the raid starts on time.
  • Please do not cancel less than 24 hours prior to the raid time, even as a reserve, cause other members will need to be notified or might have wanted that spot.
  • During the raid, we would kindly request that we maintain Discord silence during the time the Raid Leader is issuing commands & coordinating.
  • Please aim to stay for the whole duration of the run. Please, do not leave the run while it is underway unless there is an emergency. 
If you need any further information on how our raids work, please follow this link or contact the Raid Leader in attendance. 




Location Cerberus
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Tick.png'02-12-2018 12:47'HealerAstrologian380Stormblood - TrialsRaid Leader - Let me know if you need me to change jobs.Disdemona Morningstar
Tick.png'02-12-2018 13:52'HealerWhite Magei380No PreferenceRaid LeaderTekno X'vett
Evan Aelsentis
Tick.png'02-12-2018 13:52'TankWarriori380No PreferenceRaid LeaderEvan Aelsentis
Tick.png'02-12-2018 17:58'TankWarrior Reserve380No PreferenceHenda Tempest
Tick.png'03-12-2018 17:50'Reserve - CHOOSE "RESERVE" JOB BELOWPaladin386Stormblood - TrialsI may not have access to all EX verslons of ARR.Kyou Kobayashi
Ryouko Oikawa
Tick.png'03-12-2018 20:09'DPSMonk393Stormblood - TrialsRyoushi Oikawa
Tick.png'09-12-2018 17:21'
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