It's with great pleasure that we announce the launch of our guild recruitment team. Please join us in congratulating our all new Recruitment Champions on their successful appointment.
Nephin - Team Leader
Alyssena (Nashu)
Rauzi (Lu'kija)
Fullafaith (Allyviate)
Mental Monkey
Having enjoyed a successful launch of the guild in FF14, reaching over 70 members, we are excited to announce this launch of our new recruitment team. Those of you who have been in Alith before, will be familiar with our recruitment strategy, and will know just how valuable this team has been for us in the past. Up until this point, Krys and myself have led the recruitment effort, and we're happy with the progress we've made so far. Our long term goal for Alith though, is to eventually size up to become a large scale, active guild - while still maintaining all those values you love about Alith. We will always be a social, friendly, mature, close-knit community - we are able to maintain this through our careful selection process of new members, never sacrificing quality for quantity. We want to be able to build a community which has a vibrant, active and busy PvE scene - with daily guild raids, dungeon runs, social events and more! A place where many friendships will be made, and a place known across the server as being THE social PvE guild that everyone want's to be a part of.
To achieve this, we will need to continue to grow, and therefore we are committed to having a dedicated, effective recruitment team, permanently. This is a tried and tested system, which we have seen being very successful in our previous MMO, where we reached maximum cap (500) active members (zero inactive members) and STILL maintained all our guild values - we fully intend to achieve the same here in FF14. While we intend to grow large, we do NOT intend to grow too fast. We know that it's important to allow new members who join our community, to have the chance to settle in, get to know everyone, and vice versa. It takes time for friendships to form, and bonds to be created, so we know that a steady but healthy pace (with occasional breaks) is always the best way to grow the community organically, without causing disruption to the chemistry within the guild. This will all only be made possible because of our recruitment team, who will play a critical role in the successful growth of our guild. We're ready to take Alith to the next level, and we can't wait to watch our community continue to grow and thrive, as we welcome in new fantastic members, with our recruitment team leading the effort!
Please join us in congratulating our new recruiters, and wishing them the very best in their new roles.
Kind Regards
Belazarus & Krysalan