Greetings Everyone!

We hope your'e all doing well and having a wonderful time in Eorzea with your fellow Alithians. Alith's Final Fantasy XIV journey has been going for nearly 3 months now, and we wanted to take this time to give you all a general update on where our Free Company is right now, and what our plans are for the short to medium term future. Things have progressed really well for us so far, but we know many of you are eager for Alith to go to the next stage in our development , and we're pleased to say that so are we.

Our first couple of months as a guild in FF14 has been focused on building the foundations of our guild, starting with prioritising recruitment to ensure we have an active community. After all without members, we have no community! To have reached 100 members in just two months, has surpassed our expectations and we're so thrilled that you've all chosen to make Alith your home. Not only have we reached 100 members, but we've done it without sacrificing quality for quantity. We will always be committed to only bringing in members who share our core values - being a mature, respectful, friendly, supportive and tolerant community focused on having fun in a casual environment! To put it into context, we currently have 104 members in our guild, and we've declined a total of 49 applicants to date. Again, we'll continue to do our best to only bring in real "Alithians" rather than just going for high numbers.

We know that in order for us to become an active thriving free company with regular fully packed guild raids and social events, we need to grow. We're committed to growing at a healthy rate, while maintaining those high standards, and this is why we recently implemented our Recruitment Team. The team have done a great job, so we want to thank them for their efforts so far. We know the importance of not growing too fast, we want new members to have a chance to settle into our community and get to know everyone, and we don't want to lose that close-knit family feel. Equally, we know that we need to recruit sufficiently to keep up with attrition, while also ensuring we grow steadily. There is a healthy balance to strike, and we will always keep this in mind, taking breaks where necessary if we grow too quickly.

We also know that, as our community grows, we need to ensure that we have enough officers in place to support our people. Having a healthy active officer presence is critical, and this is why we recently expanded the officer team bringing in some new, experienced, enthusiastic leaders to help us make sure Alith continues to stay true to its values. You can all have the confidence that the Alith Officer Team is completely united in our vision and hopes for the future of Alith, and all care deeply about the well being & happiness of our community. A strong officer team is a team who are totally on the same page, supportive of each other with zero friction between them, and we're pleased to say that we certainly have that!

So in summary, we've enjoyed a successful launch, have grown to 100 members, have put in place a dedicated recruitment team and have expanded the officer team as was needed. Good progress, but it's time to move on to the next step of our adventure!

So what's next? 

There are many exciting plans we have for the guild, we really are just getting started! We want to share with you exactly what's on our roadmap for the short-medium term, and talk a little bit about what you can expect. More importantly, we will need YOUR input and feedback as we push forward, to ensure everything we do is in line with the desires & needs of the community. So, what's in the pipeline in the near future?

1.  Guild House
2.  Member Awards
3.  Alith Raids & Alith Academy
4.  Alith-Cast re-launch

Click here to read the full briefing with more details around each of the above.

These are just the first four initiatives we have planned for Alith, and are the activities we consider the most desired and highest priority at the moment - but it's just the start! We also want to crank up the Social Events frequency, and continue to make small improvements to the general quality of life in Alith. I'm sure you'll all thinking "That's all great... but when will all these things happen??". While we can't give exact dates, we can say we're intending to have all four of these up and running within the next 3 months. So we're moving quickly. Expect to see a thread popping up regarding our Guild House within the next week, with member awards coming very quickly afterwards. As we said earlier, we know that our community needs and deserves to enjoy all of these activities, so we're driven & committed to get the ball rolling now.

Most importantly, we want to make sure we get it right, so we're going to be involving you guys every step of the way - getting your input, suggestions, views, and ideas as we put the wheels in motion. So we need you all to help us by getting the word out there for the rest of the guild who may not frequent the forum often. The forum is our primary hub for working on all of this, and bringing it to life, so we need your help encouraging more of our members to join in the discussions.

We're stepping Alith up a gear, and we can't wait to watch Alith continue to grow and thrive, with all of you awesome people. Once again we want to thank YOU all for making this the special place that it is. We're so proud of you all, and we're brimming with confidence that we will succeed in our dreams, because we have you guys all there with us, making this happen. Long live Alith, it's going to be a fantastic year!

Kind Regards
Belazarus & Your Alith Officers