Hi Everyone

We are very pleased to unveil our official FC Raiding program for our community!


Here in Alith, we are proud that we are able to offer all our members a wide variety of Raid Events for you to attend & enjoy with your fellow Alithians! This is thanks to our amazing & supportive Raid Leader team, who work closely with the Officer team, to make these fun experiences happen. Here in Alith you can enjoy a variety of Final Fantasy XIV raiding content, regardless of your level of experience.

Whether you have just started dipping your toe into the waters of the PvE Raids of FFXIV, and need a supportive learning environment, or have mastered the hardest content of the game and are looking for other veterans to tackle these challenges, there is something for you here in Alith. Our goal is to have "something for everyone" and to cater for all our members needs & desires, regardless of experience or skill level.

Raids are now Live!  Alithians are able to now sign up to our official raids, directly on our guild event calendar located on our homepage - we can't wait to enjoy the fun group content that FFXIV has to offer with you all, and make some awesome memories!


Kind Regards
The Alith Officers & Raid Leaders