Alith-Cast is back! We are very excited and happy to announce the return of our official Alith & Final Fantasy XIV Podcast - Alith-Cast. After 19 fun packed episodes of our show during our time in Elder Scrolls Online, we are all ready to go with our brand new shiny series, this time very much focused on all things Final Fantasy XIV and of course, Alith! Over the last couple of months, we have been working hard in the background on the re-launch of our show, and we can't wait to show you all our "New Look" as well as introducing you all to our brand new Alith-Cast presenter team.


With the launch of our new series, we are very pleased to introduce you all to our new star-studded team of passionate & enthusiastic presenters. All of whom have a huge love for both Alith and Final Fantasy XIV and can't wait to dive into loads of deep & fun packed discussions. Without further delay, meet your new Alith-Cast team. We are very pleased to be welcoming back main host Krysalan Hawk, as well as YouTube superstar & MMO guru Elloa! We are also pleased to welcome to the team, our newest presenters, Gith, Zenshi and Katsu!


From Left: Krysalan, Elloa, Gith, Zenshi and Katsu

What can you expect to see on the show? 

All your favourite segments of the show from our first series will be back, plus plenty of new & exciting content as we continue to evolve & develop the show.
Some of the features you can expect to see are:

- Final Fantasy XIV News, Discussion, Debate and Analysis
- Alith News & Community Interaction
- Special Guests & Interviews
- Live Competitions
- Live Gameplay Streams
...and much more!

Where can you catch the show? 

Alith-Cast will continue to be broadcasted LIVE on our Twitch Channel. We welcome everyone to join us when the show goes live, so that you can interact & engage with our presenters live on the show, and even take part in live competitions! Every episode of Alith-Cast will also be available to view on our YouTube channel shortly after the show has aired, and you can also listen to or download the Audio version of the show on Itunes and There are plenty of different ways for you to follow and enjoy the show!


Click here to visit our Twitch Channel 

Click here to visit our YouTube Channel 

Click here to visit our Podbean Channel (Audio)

When is the show on? 

We are already hard at work preparing for our first episode of Alith-Cast! We encourage everyone to subscribe to our Twitch and YouTube channel so that you're alerted to when the show goes live. Our goal is to broadcast a new episode every 3 weeks or so. We also recommend keeping your eye on our Alith-Cast forum section, where we will be advertising future episodes in advance, that way you can always be ready to tune in for the start of the show! We will also post adverts in Discord and in game FC chat, to give you all a heads up when we're planning on going live.

We're super excited to be bringing back the show. We want Alith-Cast to be the 1st choice EU Podcast for Final Fantasy XIV, and the place for you all to get the latest news & gossip on all things Alith & FFXIV! Above all, we want Alith-Cast to be something that you all enjoy, and as Alithians, be proud to be a part of!

See you all at the show!

Kind Regards
The Alith Officers & Raid Leaders