The "Mogstation Store" has had a completely new make-over!  Now simply called "Final Fantasy XIV Online Store", what do you all think of the new look & feel?  Our personal experience is that the new store is much more user-friendly, easy to navigate, clearer, easier to find things and much more obvious to newcomers to the game.  We particularly love the new categories & filters, as well as the fact you can browse the store without needing to log in anymore!  It's also much more compatible with mobile phones, which Officer Syl is gonna love hehe!  Head over to visit the new store by clicking this link, and why not share your thoughts & experiences with the new design & functionality in our Discord!

Here's a summary of the key changes to the store:

  • You can now view the item pages without logging in to your Square Enix account first
  • Categories have been reorganised to make it easier to find what you are looking for
  • Filters have been added to help you browse
  • When viewing on a smartphone, the layout is optimised for easier navigation

Preview of new store - click image to go straight to the actual FFXIV Online Store:


Happy shopping everyone, but remember, shop responsibly!

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Belazaurs & The Alith Officers



Wow, we are in for one mammoth patch when 5.3 arrives!  During the latest letter from the producer podcast, FFXIV producer Yoshi-P unveiled a truck load of details regarding the upcoming patch, which is titled "Reflections in Crystal".  While we didn't get a confirmed release date, we're expecting the patch to arrive anytime between July-August.  We did get a pretty comprehensive list of confirmed content (with a few screenshots too), and we know there will be "more" details to be confirmed later. 

This patch is looking to be one of the biggest content updates we've received, with everything you could want thrown in (new main story quests, new beast tribe, new alliance raid, new dungeon AND trial, new relice weapon steps, new zone, and more...)  Below is a summary of everything that was confirmed during the Live Letter.  If you'd like to watch some reactions to the news from our very own Alithians, scroll down to watch our latest Alith-Cast episode where we dive into our initial throughts & reactions to the upcoming patch!

Here's a summary of all content currently confirmed for Patch 5.3 - Reflections in Crystal:

  • New Main Story Quests:  The conclusion to the Shadowbringers story!
  • New Dungeon:  "The Heroes Gauntlet"
  • New Beast Tribe + Quests:  The Dwarves (crafting)
  • Chronicles of a New Era Quests:  "The Sorror of Werlyt"
  • New Trial:  Title not confirmed yet, final battle of Shadowbringers story
  • New Alliance Raid:  YoRHa - Dark Apocalypse: "The Puppet's Bunker"
  • Resistance Weapon Quests & Upgrades:  Including "The Bozjan Southern Front" questing zone (5.35)
  • Crafting Changes:
    • Trial Synthesis - practice crafting any recipe without materials
    • Search for recipes using ingredients
    • New Custom Delivery Client
    • All collectable items will now be separate from normal craftables
    • Ishgardian Restoration Update - 3rd phase
    • Skysteel Tools Upgrades
  • A Realm Reborn MSQ Revamp (content streamlined)
    • Roughly 13% of quests removed
    • "Run-around" steps taken out of quests so they are quicker
    • Increased XP & Rewards
    • Flying Mounts enabled in all ARR zones!
  • New Trial Difficulty (Unreal)
    • 1 ARR primal (unreal mode) introduced at each patch, for a limited time (starting with Shiva)
    • Primal will be scaled up to level 80
    • Completing the unreal primal, enables you to play a new mini-game called "Faux Hollows" (once per week)
  • Other Changes (Quality of Life)
    • Exiting parties can now join other groups in party finder
    • "No Doubles" option introduced to party finder
    • Token Vendors added to all major cities (that will offer all exchangeable items)
    • New Parasols Menu
  • Various PvE and PvP and Job Adjustements - to be confirmed later!

Alith-Cast reacts to the Patch 5.3 News:

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Kind Regards
Belazaurs & The Alith Officers


ishgardian restoration333

It's time to band together once again, in our efforts to restore Ishgard, with this latest patch bringing the second Ishgardian Restoration area!  In addition to the new area, we've also received new Ishgard Restoration story & sidequests, new "Kupo of Fortune" reward system, and a complete overhaul of Diadem - turning into a gatherer focused area.  With Ishgard Restoration and Diadem being the two biggest additions in this patch, we've also been treated a hose of smaller additions as well (including new mount, emotes, hairstyles, and more).  But let's be honest, we all know that MOST Alithians are mostly excited about........ Parasols!  We can't wait to dive into the second stretch of restoring Ishgard, and enjoying the new Diadem content with you all.

Click Here to read the Full Patch Notes - Click Here to visit the Patch 5.2 Minisite

Here's a summary of all the new content which arrived with Patch 5.21:

  • New Ishgardian Restoration Area
  • New Ishgardian Story & Side Quests
  • "The Kupo of Fortune" reward system added
  • Diadem Overhaul - gatherer focused with new in-game systems!
  • Expert Crafting Recipes
  • New Emote
  • New Mount
  • New Chocobo Barding
  • New Minions
  • New Dyes
  • New Hairstyle
  • New Furnishings
  • New Orchestrion Rolls
  • New Triple Triad Cards
  • "Echo" added to Eden's Gate Raids

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Belazaurs & The Alith Officers



The long awaited return of Relic Weapons is here, with the arrival of Patch 5.25!  This latest installment introduces not just the start of the new relic weapons (resistance weapons) & quest line, but also the introduction of the very first relic crafting & gathering tools too!  Warriors of light can now develop their crafters & gatherers by attaining & progressing these new "Skysteel Tools" over in Ishgard.  Not only were we treated to both of these, but we were also pleasantly surprised with a brand new trial (both normal AND extreme mode), which is unlocked as part of the main relic weapon questline.  We cant wait to see all our Alithians flaunting their new shiny relic weapons and tools, as well as tackling the new trial together!

Click Here to read the Full Patch Notes - Click Here to visit the Patch 5.2 Minisite

Here's a summary of all the new content which arrived with Patch 5.25:

  • New Relic Weapon Story Quests - Save the Queen: Blades of Gunnhildr
  • New Skysteel Tool Quests
  • New Trial: Memoria Misera (Normal & Extreme)
  • Various other smaller changes (see patch notes for details)

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Belazaurs & The Alith Officers


Patch 5.2 is here!  Echoes of a Fallen Star is the next chapter in the Shadowbringers story, and it brings with it a whole bunch of new & exciting content for us to enjoy!  Here is a short summary of all the main content which has landed with the latest patch, but be sure to check out the Patch 5.2 Dedicated Special Site to get the full breakdown. 

Scroll to bottom of this article for a FULL list of all the content which arrived with Patch 5.2 - or CLICK HERE to read the Official 5.2 Patch Notes!

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Patch 5.2 - Content Summary:

New Main Scenario Quests
New Dungeon - Anamnesis Anyder (Trust Compatible)
New Beast Tribe + Quests - The Qitari (Gathering Focussed)
Chronicles of a New Era Quests - The Sorrow of Werlyt
New Trial - Cinder Drift (+Extreme)
New Trial - (not revealed yet)
New Eden's Verse Raids (normal + savage)
Resistance Weapon Quests (New Upgradeable Equipment)

Ishgardian Restoration Updates:
  -New Restoration Zone
  -New Expert Recipes
  -Kupo of Fortune System
  -Ranking System

Diadem Changes - Gatherer Exclusive Content

Crafting and Gathering Overhaul:
  -Actions Adjusted
  -"Next Action Effect" feature
  -Desynthesize Stacks
  -Skill Simulator
  -Fishing Updates & Adjustments
  -Skysteel Tools (Upgradeable Crafting & Gathering Tools)

Ocean Fishing Introduced
Materia System Changes

Other Changes:
  -New Allagan Tomestones of Allegory Introduced
  -Additional New Game+ chapters
  -New FC Ranks added  (New Max Rank 30) - awarding more FC Chest Space
  -Umbrellas added
  -New Leap of Faith stages added
  -Job Adjustments  (Red Mage Buffs, Summoner Nerfs)
  -PvP Updates & Adjustments

Kind Regards
Belazaurs & The Alith Officers