In the recent FF14 Live Letter, it's been revealed that Square-Enix latest cross-over event (this time between Final Fantasy XIV and Monster Hunter World) will be live on 7th August!  We were also treated to this latest trailer for the colab, as well as some additional details! We already knew that the event will involve taking part in a hunt for an "Iconic" Monster from MHW - Rathalos.  In order to be able to take part in the in-game event, you'll be required to have the full game, including Stormblood, have a level 70 character and have completed the Stormblood main story quest.

Here is a summary of all the latest details which have just been released regarding the Rathalos Fight:

  • The hunt begins 7th August 2018!  (same day as Patch 4.36 - Eureka Pagos)
  • Trial Name:  The Great Hunt
  • Random Agro (everyone is tank!)
  • Potion usage will be required with a cap on how many can be used during the fight
  • Healing Debuff will be case preventing group healing
  • Will be added to Duty Finder
  • Rewards:
    • Full Armour Set (no weapons)
    • You will have to get this set crafted by collecting "parts" from Rathalos and taking them to an NPC to craft
    • Two versions (one dyeable, one non-dyeable)
    • Minion: Poggie
    • Minion: Palico
    • Mount: Rathalos Mount
    • Housing Items
  • Normal Mode and Extreme Mode
    • Normal Mode:  8 players, ilvl 320
    • Extreme Mode:  4 players, ilvl 350, includes "auto-raise" with limit of 3 times

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Not only will we be visted by Rathalos from MHW, but the "Behemoth" monster from Final Fantasy XIV will also be making it's way over to Monster Hunter World for their part in this cross-over event.

SE have already setup a dedicated mini-site for the event, where you can keep track of the latest details.

Will you gather up with your fellow Alithians, to take down this intruder from Monster Hunter World?  See you all at the hunt!


Kind Regards
Belazaurs & The Alith Officers