The next chapter of Eureka is just around the corner, with Eureka: Pagos Expedition arriving on 7th August!  In the recent Live Letter we got our first glimpse of the new snow-covered zone called Pagos, which has a cold weather theme, so wrap up warm!  We also got a release date confirmed of 7th August, which will arrive as the bulk of Patch 4.36.  Yoshi-P shared some details about the upcoming Eureka zone, so here are several key points along with a bunch of screenshots.  See above for the full gameplay preview trailer!

We have very limited info at this stage, and more will be released in the upcoming weeks. Here's what we now know so far will be coming with Eureka: Pagos Expedition:

  • New Eureka Zone: Pagos
  • New mobs and bosses
  • Rewards: Minions and Weapon Upgrades (limited details)
  • There will be Onsens, but dip at your own risk!

stdin snapshot 10.17 2018.07.16 03.05.29

stdin snapshot 09.38 2018.07.16 03.04.50

stdin snapshot 10.11 2018.07.16 03.05.23

stdin snapshot 10.53 2018.07.16 03.06.05

stdin snapshot 11.01 2018.07.16 03.06.13

stdin snapshot 11.32 2018.07.16 03.06.44

stdin snapshot 11.51 2018.07.16 03.07.03


We are looking forward to diving back into Eureka with you all, so you can rest assured that Eureka: Pagos will be making an appearance in our raiding schedule when it releases!  We will continue to update this news article as more details become available regarding Patch 4.36, so keep checking back!

Kind Regards
Belazaurs & The Alith Officers