It's time to dive back into the grind, with the next chapter in the Eureka Saga, Pryos, hitting the servers on Tuesday 6th November 2018!  Not too many details are known yet, but we can pretty much be sure that this next installment will see us further progressing our Relic Weapons though, no doubt, plenty of grinding!  Along with the release date, we have also been teased with a few new screenshots showcasing this new "fiery" region of Eureka. 

Interestingly, Eureka: Pyros does introduce a new mechanic into the game, the "Logos Actions" system.  Through this system, we will be able to extract "mnemes" which unlock special skills which can be used within Eureka: Pyros.  This means players will be able to use the skills of Tanks, Healers or DPS, regardless of the actual role they are playing.  All we have at this stage is 1 screenshot with very little info, so more to be discovered on this system soon.

Along with the new Eureka zone, Hildibrand is back!  With further hilarious tales to enjoy.  We look forward to laughing with you all at Hildi's ongoing antics, as well as diving into the neverending grind that is Eureka!
You can also keep up with all the latest, over at the Official Minisite.

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