Patch 4.5 is the final content patch within the Stormblood chapter of FFXIV, with the major expansion (Shadowbringers) coming early summer 2019.  Patch 4.5, called "A Requiem for Heroes" will be released in TWO parts, with the FIRST part live right now!  The second part of Patch 4.5 will go live late March 2019.  This final patch in the series promises to bring a huge conclusion to the Stormblood story, taking us through to the next era of Final Fantasy XIV.  A Requiem for Heroes part 1 is now live, and you can read all the patch notes as well as visiting the patch mini-site. 

You can visit the dedicated mini-site for the patch, where you can all keep up to date on the latest news regarding the patch: https://eu.finalfantasyxiv.com/patch/4_5/

Here is a quick summary of ALL the key features of Patch 4.5, along with some screenshots:

  • Part 1 Live Now!
  • Part 2 Coming Late March 2019
  • The Main Story continues
  • New Side Story Quests (The Four Lords Finale & Hildibrand)
  • New Job - Blue Mage!  (Incl. New Job Quests and "The Masked Carnivale")
  • New Dungeons  (Including "The Ghimlyt Dark")
  • New Alliance Raid - Return to Ivalice: The Orbonne Monastery
  • New Trials - Seiru - The Wreath of Snakes + Extreme
  • Eureka - Hydatos Expedition (final installment)
  • PvP Updates  (Rival Wings Updates, The Hidden Gorge)
  • Gold Saucer Updates (New Content Added, New GATE Added - "Air Force One")
  • New Custom Deliveries Client
  • World Visit System Added
  • New Data Center Added - Light

New Job: Blue Mage - Details

  • New Job which "learns abilities from enemies"
  • "Limited Job"  (Designed for Solo Play, NOT Parties)
  • No Base Class
  • Starts at lvl 1
  • Level Cap of 50 on release
  • New Job Quests Added
  • Uses Ranged Magic DPS Gear and Role Actions
  • Unlock Requirements:
    • Disciple of War or Magic Level 50
    • 2.0 Main Scenario Quests Completed
    • No Expansions Required
  • Masked Carnivale only accessible by Blue Mage
  • Cannot use Blue Mage in: Duty Roulette, Matchmaking Duty, PvP Content, Deep Dungeons
  • Learn New Abilities by defeating Enemies in Public Areas, Pre-Formed Parties in Dungeons, AFTER witnessing them performing said abilities.
  • Up to 24 abilities can be equipped, 49 abilities can be learned!

We will get more information on the next Live Letter which is due to be broadcast on Friday 21st December at 11:00 GMT.  We're looking forward to hearing more about this exciting content coming our way, and will share all the latest news with you all here on our website as usual!  It's going to be a blast.

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