During the third and final FFXIV Fan Fest, hosted in Japan, we were treated to even more exciting details about the upcoming expansion Shadowbringers.  A new extended trailer for the expansion was revealed, along with several other screenshots and video trailers for a multitude of features including:

  • New Job – Dancer: Dancer joins gunbreaker as one of the new jobs in Shadowbringers. This ranged attacker not only unleashes powerful attacks using throwing weapons, but also performs dances to execute abilities and provide beneficial effects to their party
  • New Player Race – Hrothgar: The Hrothgar player race compliments the recently announced Viera as the second new playable race in Shadowbringers. The Hrothgar and Viera will both have unique, customizable features specific to their races.
  • New Player Cities – The Crystarium and Eulmore: Located in Norvrandt, the former will serve as a player hub, while the latter—an affluent city ruled by the elite will play a key role in the Shadowbringers main storyline.
  • New Raid – Eden: This new high-end raid content will feature multiple challenging bosses, as well as a new character--both designed specifically for this raid series by Kingdom Hearts Director and Final Fantasy series veteran, Tetsuya Nomura.
  • New Beast Tribe and Primal: The bearded dwarves and the "sin eater," Innocence.
  • New Field Area – Lakeland

Keep up to date and read more details about everything we're looking forward to in Shadowbringers, by visiting the official mini-site:  https://eu.finalfantasyxiv.com/shadowbringers/

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