Shadowbringers, the 3rd major expansion to Final Fantasy XIV is nearly upon us!  With this exciting next chapter of the adventure going live on the 2nd July 2019 (28th June if you have Early Access), we can't wait to go on the journey with you all.  Since the 3rd Fan Fest happened in Japan, we've continued to be treated to more details and info about Shadowbringers, and so we've decided to compile a summary of everything we know so far! 

We will continue to update this list as more details emerge, up until the big day when it goes live.  If you haven't yet, we strongly encourage you to check out the Official Shadowbringers Dedicated Mini-Site

  • Increased Level Cap: 80
  • New Main Story Quest: Hero becomes villain as the Warrior of Light embraces the dark, and embarks upon an adventure that transcends worlds. 
  • 2 New Jobs – Dancer & Gunbreaker
  • 2 New Player Races – Hrothgar & Viera: The Hrothgar and Viera will both have unique, customizable features specific to their races.
  • New Player Cities  The Crystarium and Eulmore: Located in Norvrandt, the former will serve as a player hub, while the latter—an affluent city ruled by the elite will play a key role in the Shadowbringers main storyline.
  • New 8 Player Raid – Eden: This new high-end raid content will feature multiple challenging bosses, as well as a new character--both designed specifically for this raid series by Kingdom Hearts Director and Final Fantasy series veteran, Tetsuya Nomura.
  • 2 New Trials – Titania & Innocence: Titania (A being of great power, Titania holds sway over the pixies and other fae folk of Il Mheg─folk) and Innocence (Innocence sits at the top of the hierarchy of sin eaters, the beings that emerged from the Flood to plague what remains of mankind).
  • New Alliance Raid – YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse: This exciting new raid written by guest creators YOKO TARO and Yosuke Saito will see FINAL FANTASY and NieR come together as never before!
  • 8 New 4 Player Dungeons: Including Dohn Mheg
  • New Beast Tribes: The Dwarves, The Pixies and The Nu Mou.
  • New World Areas: Lakeland, Kholusia, Il Mheg, Amh Araeng, Rak'tika.
  • Restoration of the Holy See of Ishgard: As man and dragon work together to restore the Holy See to glory, they aim to lay the cornerstone of the new Ishgard - the Firmament.
  • Trust System: In Shadowbringers, players will have the opportunity to challenge dungeons with a party of trusted non-player characters, including various Scions of the Seventh Dawn.
  • New Game +: This brand-new system will allow for replay of previously completed quests while retaining one's current progression and job level.
  • New Gear and Crafting Recipes: With new adventures come new opportunities, so expect a plethora of new recipes to craft and resources for the taking.
  • Battle System Changes: With the addition of new jobs and the level cap increase, the battle system will evolve as well. Not only will there be new elements to gameplay, but existing actions will be re-evaluated on their functionality, and adjustments will be made for a more intense battle experience.
  • And More!


Release Date:  2nd July 2019

Early Access:  28th June 2019

Pre-Order Bonuses:  Aetheryte Earring (XP +30%), Baby Gremlin Minion, Early Access (28th June 2019)

Collector's Edition Bonuses:  Grani Mount, Wind-Up Fran Minion, Revolver Gunbreaker Weapon

Versions Available:  Standard Edition or Collector's Edition (Digital and Boxed Versions Available)

Pre-Order from Square Enix Store:  https://eu.finalfantasyxiv.com/shadowbringers/product/

Keeping checking back as we continue to update our news with all the latest info leading up to the exciting launch of Shadowbringers.  From everyone here in Alith, we would like to extend our invitation to the Final Fantasy community to join us for this fun new chapter - see you all in Norvrandt!

Kind Regards
Belazaurs & The Alith Officers