Blue Mages rejoice!  Patch 5.15 has brought with it a major Blue Mage content update, and has really breathed new life into the "limited job".  Along with the Blue Mage goodies, this patch also introduced a brand new "Frontline" PvP stage, called Onsal Hakair (Danshig Naadam).  While those are the two major content udpates with this patch, we also received a bunch of smaller updates, including:  New Housing Furnishings, New Orchestrion Rolls, New Emote, New Mounts, New Minion, New Crafting Recipes, Several Ability Adjustments and the usual bunch of general fixes.

Before we cover some of the details of the above, remember that you can always read the full  Patch 5.15 notes page

Patch 5.15 - Content Summary:

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Here's a summary of the key new additions for Blue Mages with this patch:

  • Level Cap increased to 60
  • New Job Quests & Story
  • New Spells & Spell Adjustments
  • New Masked Carnivale Stages
  • New Blue Mage Gear & Rewards
  • Introduction of Blue Mage Log (complete duties & earn acheivements / rewards with fellow Blue Mages)




We hope all of you PvP'ers and Blue Mages have loads of fun with these new content updates!  See you in Eorzea.

Kind Regards
Belazaurs & The Alith Officers