Medals Name Description Awarded
Guild Champion Awarded to one special member each month, who has really stood out as being a brilliant and outstanding member of the community, who has made a huge positive difference to the guild. This award is decided and awarded by the entire guild management team. 9
Above & Beyond Awarded to those members who have gone out of their way to help make Alith a positive and fun place to be. This award is given by the members and officers, to anyone who has been recognised for making a positive difference in the guild. 43
Party Animal Awarded to those members who don't take themselves too seriously, and regularly inject positive & fun energy into the community. This award for our 44
Senior Member Awarded to all those members upon their promotion to Senior Member rank. This award is to thank those members for their long term commitment & loyalty to the FC. 61
Recruitment Champion Awarded to those members who have been promoted to Recruitment Champion rank, to thank them for their efforts and dedication to helping us build our community. 7
Raid Leader Awarded to those members who have been promoted to Raid Leader rank, to thank them for their dedication and efforts in leading our fun & exciting guild raids. 5
Newcomer of the Month Awarded to one special new member in the FC, who has truly stood out as making a great first impression. This is awarded to one member who has integrated into the family brilliantly and has already made a fantastic impact on the community! 6
Can't Stop Running This special award is to recognise those members who are known for regularly helping other members with dungeon / raid / trial runs within Final Fantasy XIV. Those who are often seen going out of their way to offer up their time, to help others in the FC 50
Special Thanks This is a special thanks award, created by the Officer team, to recognise individuals for specific kind deeds / acts. This award will be given out by the officers, on special occasions to recognise those who have done something really special / awesome fo 1